In November, Margot asked Me to participate in her 12 hour BDSM Endurance Test, I took hour five. When she asked Me, I immediately began thinking of how to torture a little girl whose idea of a good time involves a cattle prod and a gallon of urine. She told Me about the other people who were participating, and I could tell that by the end of it, she would be laying on the ground in a puddle with every inch of her flesh marked.

Master R, who trained me at La Domaine, named me Blunt, advertising on the La Domaine Website that I had, ‘the subtlety of a metaphorical sledge-hammer’. The ‘sledge-hammer’, arguably one of Margot’s favorite toys, has no place in a 12 hour endurance test, or at least not in hour five. As I adore Margot, I wanted to make sure that no part of her was left unscathed. I didn’t want her to feel cheated. I asked my friend Mistress Mae to join me and we worked our way in through Margot’s stomach and up into her head.

Hour 5: Mistress Blunt and Mistress Mae 

Words by Miss Margot  (@Slitsville).

‘Each time I’ve visited La Domaine, I’ve resisted their submissive protocol. Not wanting to feel obligated to behave like a Mistress, either, I’ve always used the excuse, But I’m a puppy  and promptly trotted to the vast backyard to find a patch of grass worth marking. Still, the members of the house, as well as its philosophies, have a way of creeping into your mind and manners.

No one realized that Mistress Blunt had even began until well after I was on my knees with palms upturned, neck straining to balance Mistress Mae’s pastry on my face. Mistress Blunt’s bondage is not restrictive, it’s mental. Have you told her about the interview? Mae asked. I study girls who like to be hurt.

I never could masturbate, I admitted. It felt like sticking my fingers in a jello mold…As soon as I started eating again all I could think about was sex. I don’t ever want to deprive myself…

You want to be used, Blunt said.

The two women barely touched me, but I felt as if every inch of my flesh had been scrubbed with steel wool. I felt vulnerable and embarrassed, but for all the exposure, I also felt safe. In the end, Mistress Blunt allowed me to curl up on her lap.’


**It is my suggestion that for her next endurance test, she be tied up in a corner and watch a pretty girl be tortured the entire time. But hey, that is just me.

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