Crossdressing, Gender Play and BDSM.

Crossdressing and playing with gender is one of my favorite ways to explore power and taboo in a BDSM context. In a session with me, there is space to explore the expansiveness of your gender. To ask yourself, what does it feel to be called a good girl, a good boy, a good pet While many people utilize crossdressing as a humiliating activity, I prefer stepping into the role of an older sister or babysitter, allowing and encouraging you to explore your feminine side. “Don’t you want to join my sleepover party? Let me do your makeup. You’ll look so pretty, I promise.” Crossdressing doesn’t have to be humiliating, but I am happy to tease you about your humiliation if you are!

Crossdressing doesn’t have to be humiliating.

While you might find it humiliating to play with gender and step into feminine roles, it doesn’t mean that it is humiliating to explore femininity. Perhaps we go on a girl’s shopping trip, do a boudoir photoshoot, get our make up done for a night out on the town, or maybe I turn you into my little slut. The possibilities are endless. I also enjoy playing with gender with my NB and women clients as well. There is so much to explore in kink with feminization, crossdressing and gender play.

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