Work Experience

Danielle Blunt has worked in the healthcare field for over ten years. Her experience is vast, but her expertise is in BDSM, professional domination, yoga, sexual health, mental health, and alternative healing modalities.

Danielle Blunt is a NYC-based dominatrix who studies the art of BDSM as a healing modality through an interdisciplinary lens. She is also a yoga instructor, full spectrum doula, public health researcher and is one of the co-founders of Hacking//Hustling, a collective of sex workers and allies working at the intersection of technology and social justice. She has her Masters in Public Health and researches the intersection of sex work and equitable access to tech. She served as the former care coordinator to Persist Health Project, the first sex worker health organization in NYC. She has her Masters in Public Health, BA in Psychology and BFA in Photography. She was the lead researcher on Hacking//Hustling’s report “Erased,” a participatory action community research project studying the effects of FOSTA-SESTA and the removal of Backpage on sex worker health and wellbeing.

Recent Work:

  • Recipient of the 2020 Barlow Award from EFF’s Pioneer Ceremony.
  • Lead Researcher, “Posting Into the Void: The Impact of Shadowbanning on Sex Workers and Activists.” Hacking//Hustling. September 2020.
  • IFF Community Knowledge Share: Coffee Talk with Danielle Blunt. Internet Freedom Festival. August 2020
  • Movement Lawyering: Challenging Narratives Around Online Laws Pertaining to Sex Work. The Office of Clinical and Pro Bono Programs, The Cyberlaw clinic and Berkman Klein Center at Harvard University. July, 2020.
  • Consulting on Astraea Lesbian Foundation Tech Report
  • Presentation on CDA 230, Case Western Reserve University
  • Urban Survivors Union: Drug User Organizing call, guest lecturer on EARN IT, June 2020
  • Memes, Social Media and Protest, Hacking//Hustling and Women of Sex Tech, Organizer and Speaker, June 2020
  • Women of Sex Tech Conference, Lightening Talk, May 2020
  • Anti-Trafficking Review, summary of “Erased: The Impact of FOSTA-SESTA and the Removal of Backpage”, 2020
  • (POSTPONED) Organized: Sex Work Village at the Internet Freedom Festival, April 2020.
  • Speaker at the Alt Sex Conference, May 2020.
  • Speaker at Women in Sex Tech Virtual Conference, May 2020.
  • Speaker at Harm Reduction Coalition, Sex Work in Covid-19, April 2020.
  • Guest lecturer at NYU Sexual Health Class. Dulcinea Pitagora. April 2020.
  • “Big Tech is Watching: Surveillance on the Street and Online” Organized. KINKOUT: Spaces. MoMA PS1, February 2020.
  • “Networked Bodies of Resistance”. NYU’s Interactive Telecommunications Program. Panelist. Tech 4 Social Good Day. Moderated by Gabriella Garcia February 2020.
  • “Erased: The Impact of FOSTA-SESTA and the Removal of Backpage”. Lead Researcher, 2020.
  • “BDSM, Healing, and Neuroplasticity” Interview with Andrea Glik, LMSW. November 2019. 
  • “Transference and Power Dynamics in BDSM and Psychotherapy”. Interview with Avigail Hurvitz-Prinz, LMSW. October 2019.
  • Hacking//Hustling @ Harvard: Sex Workers, Surveillance & Tech Convening, organizer, event facilitator, and speaker, talk titled “Erased: The Impact of FOSTA-SESTA and the Removal of Backpage”. Harvard Law School, November 2019. 
  • Dominatrix, Mistress Blunt, reviews Netflix’s Bonding”. Vice. Motherboard. April 2019
  • Guest lecturer at John Jay College of Criminal Justice, Introductory Sociology on Social Deviance and Sex Work, January 2019. 
  • “From Spreading Hate on 8chan to the Safety of Sex Workers”. Speaker at Lesbians Who Tech, September 2019. 
  • “Hidden in Plain Sight: Propaganda, Surveillance, and the 21st Century Vilification of Sex Worker”. Lecture at Bard College with Melissa Gira Grant, April 2019.
  • “Health Equity in the Age of Shadowbanning and SESTA: how obfuscated infrastructure and systems of content mediation harm whores and everyone”. Internet Connection Panel at Theorizing the Web. Moderated by Brandon Arroyo. April 2019 
  • “Kinky Yoga: Interrobang”. Why Are People Into That? Tina Horn. 2018.
  • “Danielle Blunt On Health Care Access for Sex Workers”. The Peepshow Podcast. November 2018.
  • “BDSM: Rituals of Healing and Spirituality.” Workshop with Yin Q. and Martine Phoenix. New Women’s Space, 2018.
  • “Hacking//Hustling: A Sex Worker Led Tech Conference”. The Peepshow Podcast. October 2018.
  • “Hacking//Hustling: A Platform for Sex Workers in a Post-SESTA World”. Organized in collaboration with Melissa Gira Grant, Eyebeam, t4tech, and Ingrid Burrington. September 2018. 
  • “Dystopia Now: Erasing the Internet by Erasing Sex Workers”. Presentation with Melissa Gira Grant at Data & Society’s Future Perfect conference organized by Ingrid Burrington. June 2018. 
  • “Whoretopia Future Lab: Beyond Decriminalization”. Writing Workshop Series organized with Tina Horn. Summer 2018. 
  • “International Whores Day”. (500+ ppl), organizer with Survivors Against SESTA. June 2, 2018. 
  • “Self Development Through Surrender and Pain”. Psychology Today. June 2018.
  • “BDSM and Healing”. The Eulenspiegel Society, 2018.
  • “Negotiating Boundaries: Psychology Meets Sex Work”. Taught with Dulcinea Pitagora, Founder of AltSex.
  • “BDSM and the Art of Healing”. Conducted focus group. 2018.
  • “SAFE SPACES”. KINKOUT Sex Work Panel. Euridice Gallery. 2018
  • Sex Worker Competency Curriculum Development. Hunter’s Silberman School of Social Work. 2018.
  • AltSex Conference, Organizer. 2016-2018.
  • “HEADCASE: an anthology of LGBTQ Writers and Artists on Mental Illness”. Contributor. 2018.
  • Summer Series: Yoga for Sex Workers, 2014
  • Addressing Sexual Health and Wellness trainings at the NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, Mt. Sinai Medical School and St. Ann’s Corner of Harm Reduction.
  • Sex in Medicine Week, Panel Discussion
  • Coercion in Health Care Settings- Writing Workshop and Political Advocacy Workshop
  • Occupational Health Panel, John Jay College, 2014.
  • Guide to Health and Social Services for Folks in the NYC Sex Trade

Work Experience / Education:

  • Cofounder of Hacking//Hustling, 2018
  • Masters in Public Health from a New York University.
  • Community Organizer with Survivors Against SESTA, 2018 
  • Communications Director with AltSex Conference, 2015-2018 
  • Care Coordinator at Persist Health Project, 2013- 2016 
  • 300-hour Yoga Teacher Training Certification
  • 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training Certification
  • Full-Spectrum Doula Training
  • Birth Doula Training
  • Certificate in Improving Health Care with Drug Users
  • Certificate in Overview of Harm Reduction at the Institute
  • Seminar in Bereavement Therapy at Psychotherapy Center for Gender and Sexuality.
  • Level 1 – End of Life Doula Training


  • Advisory Board for Harvard’s Berkman Klein’s Center Initiative for a Representative First Amendment.
  • Community Advisory Board Member of The Surveillance Technology Oversight Project (S.T.O.P.), NYC, 2019-Present.
  • Astraea Lesbian Foundation’s Puerto Rico Convening of the Queer tech community, 2019. 
  • Hunter School of Social Work: Sex Worker Stigma Effect on Social Work Curriculum Development, 2018. 
  • Best Practices Trainings for Working with People Impacted by the New York City Sex Trades: Mt. Sinai, NYC Department of Health, Downstate Medical Center, John Jay College, Beth Israel Medical School, Gay Men’s Health Center, Ali Forney Center, St. Ann’s Harm Reduction Corner, Planned Parenthood, NYU, and the Greene Clinic. 2013-present. 

Publications and Quotes:

The Nation, Motherboard, Gizmodo, Daily Dot, Psychology Today, Vice, Buzzfeed, Glamour, Headcase Anthology, Prose & Lore, Tits & Sass, and Kink & Code.

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