Fetish Sessions

I adore cashmere, leather, lace and silk and love tantalizing your senses with natural fibers of my choosing. I have a very serious boot and foot fetish, and my favorite outfit to torment you in is a cashmere sweater, silk or lace panties and thigh high boots.

My feet are the talk of the town. I often get compliments from other dommes on my perfect feet and perfectly manicured toes. My size 6.5 feet are just as sensitive as they are adorable, and I love any opportunity to get my feet worshiped. Don’t forget that if you want to indulge your foot fetish with foot worship, you’re going to have to earn it!

I have a fetish for beautiful objects, so my taste in shoes and boots is exquisite. I learned of my thigh high boot fetish when I was training to be a dominatrix in NY and they were all that I wore.  I feel powerful in them, and I love how weak they make you. My collection of thigh high boots include Givenchy, Dolce and Gabbana, and Pucci. If you’re lucky, I might let you beg for a taste.

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