Lesbian BDSM Litrotica: Curly Haired Sluts

One of my favorite tasks to give to submissives, lovers, and creatives is to ask them to write an erotic femdom story for me. You can learn so much about some one’s psyche through what they reveal in text. mée rose wrote me this incredibly sexy story about being overcome with desire for a powerful woman and dominatrix, me. I am still blushing while reading this short story about Femdom, breath play, foot worship and the desire of a sweet submissive slut. I am sure that you will enjoy this femdom story full of lust and longing too.

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Socca: French Chickpea Crepes with Mistress Victoria Robinson

I had the pleasure of meeting Mistress Victoria Robinson at my monthly femdom gathering in New York City, New York. As soon as we began talking, we uncovered uncanny similarities in our BDSM histories, our parents’ professions, our kink interests, our vanilla hobbies (cooking and fermentation), our physiques, and the clients who have graced us with their submission.

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Boot Worship: Boot Fetishists on Bootblacking

International Ms. Bootblack, KD Diamond, came over to chat with Tina Horn and I about bootblacking history in old-guard leather communities. The three of us train some eager submissives in the art of bootblacking. Tina Horn and I volunteer our boots to be polished and worshipped. Below, I’ve included a very horny transcript, edited for clarity and brevity. 

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Femdom Stories: Tapped by Mistress Blunt

During quarantine, one of the ways I’ve been fostering my D/s relationships and keeping in touch with my submissives is having them write me stories about their deepest, darkest desires. I will continue sharing my favorite femdom stories, which have been written for and about me, here on my blog. (You can read through the archive here.)

This story was written for me by a sweet financial domination submissive, who begged my permission to write about what it would be like for him to meet a financial dominatrix (that’s me) in the wild. He writes in detail about how I slowly take control of his finances, his wallet, all of his thoughts… his life.

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An Orgasm Control Tale: There and Back Again by the Quantified Sub

Let’s talk about data, baby!  Riddle me this: In a world of metrics, where we can measure the number of air particles per square unit of air, have you ever been curious if we can measure how horny you really are? Can orgasm control be optimized through the study of a submissive’s responses? What the odds of feeling horny on a Tuesday versus a Saturday are? Have no fear; the Quantified Sub is here! You are welcome on this scientific journey of discovery. 

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Female-Led Relationship (FLR): An Interview with a Dominant Wife

One of my submissives is in a female-led relationship (FLR). He is married to his Domme and she sends him to me once a month to whip him into shape. Naturally, I thought it would be fun to interview both him and his dominant wife.

You can read part one, where I interview Pretty in Pink, the submissive cuckold, here.

In part two, you’ll meet Pretty in Pink’s dominant wife. We talk about kink during COVID-19, service-oriented submissives, and the realities of cuckolding.

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