BDSM Stories: Submissive’s crossdressing and sissification session.

I knew I wanted to submit to Mistress Blunt, but I wasn’t exactly sure how. She looked so beautiful on her website. I’ve worn panties for years because they feel so pretty, but I didn’t feel that simply crossdressing was enough of a reason to submit. I wrote to Mistress Blunt inquiring and she said that it sounded like I wanted to become her.

This threw me off. Mistress Blunt explained that it was natural for someone like me to seek out a crossdressing mistress, a crossdressing dominatrix. When I am crossdressing, NYC feels more tolerable. My panties are like a little wood sprite on my shoulder cheering my spirits through a tough day in the office. “Lace!” my panties yell out to me. “Pretty, pretty panties!” My panties remind me of myself. Somehow I never combined my desire to submit with crossdressing, but I am glad I did because Mistress Blunt introduced me to sissification and I will never be the same.

I was nervous about becoming Mistress Blunt’s sissy, an idea she introduced me to through our email exchange. I accepted the idea, but I was nervous: what if it was too much? What if I went too far? But my panties seemed to like the idea, so I found my prettiest pair (a beautiful lacy sea-green) and I went to Mistress Blunt’s gorgeous dungeon, curious but not quite knowing what to expect.

Mistress Blunt’s dungeon soothed me. So many wonderful objects, full of plants and a record player playing old Eartha Kitt songs. “Mink Schmink” I remember, and I gave a sheepish grin as it played. In the song, Kitt goes through a list of various feminine pleasures and tosses them around playfully, casually, joyfully. Mink schmink, money schmoney, silk schmilk, satin schmatin. It’s a song I’ve listened to many times.

“You know it?” she asked. I said I did.

“Good, because it’s about me!” We both laughed, and then she stared into my eyes. She put the song on again and told me to striptease for her.

I hadn’t expected it, but Mistress Blunt allowed me to limber up and then I let Eartha carry me. I knew my striptease would not be the one of my dreams. But still, suddenly, thanks to Mistress Blunt, I knew that being a stripper was one of my dreams. The heightened femininity, the crossdressing and undressing, allowing the act of strip to embody the act of sissification. I’m not the best dancer in the world, but I took off each layer—jacket, tie, shirt, pants—with gusto. Afterwards I made sure to fold them very carefully, and then I left loose, posing and flaunting.

Mistress Blunt was delighted with my performance, offering a big laugh and applause. And as quickly as it started, it ended: Mistress ordered me to my knees, so she could apply makeup. But she knew I would get excited as that happened, knew that it would bring-forth my masculinity. So she decided to cage that up and slip a pink, plastic chastity cage over my cock.

My cock suddenly became invisible to my whole sense of being. Caging was crucial for sissification. I then stood still as Mistress applied eyeliner⁠—giving me a lovely cat’s eye⁠—, sparkly green eyeshadow to match my panties, and black lipstick that made me feel fierce. Mistress Blunt is such an amazing crossdressing dominatrix because she knew exactly how to
make me feel pretty, exactly how to help me grow through this process.

I couldn’t believe I had ever wanted to hold back. And once I was all dolled up, Mistress said it was time for the next stage of sissification: begging to suck her cock. She pulled out a strap-on, sat down, and I began pleading on my knees for the right to enter the next stage of sissification, begging for the honor of wrapping my lips around her dildo. Mistress Blunt told me this was a big step, and I really had to earn it. I promised I would do the best, beyond the best… whatever I could do.

She grabbed me by the hair and my mouth opened. Mistress Blunt pushed her cock to the back of my sissy throat and I did the best job I could taking it. I gagged. My eyes watered, making my makeup messy. I did my best to yell “Thank you, Mistress Blunt!” as her cock filled up my mouth,
my world. My instinct was to touch myself, but my cage rendered my penis useless. Mistress Blunt pulled out, attached nipple clamps to my body, and then told me to go again, but more dramatically, so each bob of my head was a strong, sharp tug.

I kept sucking and sucking and sucking until I was overwhelmed. I collapsed on the floor into a ball, crying. I was a sissy. I was Mistress Blunt’s sissy. She let me cry myself out for a while, shaking and vibrating with her power. Mistress Blunt began soothing me, rubbing me cheek a little, and allowing me to rub her feet.

Eventually, she unlocked me, allowed me to kiss her boots, and then I left. Panties aren’t enough now. I need to be fully sissified by Mistress Blunt. To have my head empty and my face pretty and my mouth full of her cock is as free as I’ll ever feel. I can’t wait to go back.

BDSM Stories: Submissive’s CBT and foot worship session.

Mistress Blunt is the best foot dominatrix I have encountered in my life. And that’s saying something, considering I have realized the power of women’s feet my entire life. Mistress Blunt is the best I have ever encountered because her feet are not just gorgeous—although they absolutely, absolutely are—but they radiate her essence. When I have thought about feet in my life, the phrase that has always played over and over in my mind has been “soft and delicate.” Soft and delicate toes, soft and delicate soles, washing over me. That was my old fantasy.

It’s hard to fully describe what happened during my exchange with Mistress Blunt. If you’ve ever heard of the Red Rocks in Arizona, you know the legends that they are somehow connected to mystical healing energies and that being near them can change you. That’s what it’s like to be near Mistress Blunt’s feet. I was drawn to my knees within moments of arriving in her gorgeous, sun-filled dungeon. He stare leveled me, her body humbled me, and her feet magnetized me. I could barely take my eyes off her brightly shining black heels.

As she taught me the proper position to kneel in front of her, she took off her heels and wiggled her toes in front of me. Her red nail polish glistened. My mouth was open at this point, moaning. She had such a smile on her face. Suddenly I wanted more. Suddenly I wanted to feel the power of her feet. Suddenly I was begging the best foot dominatrix to become a CBT (cock and ball torture) dominatrix. I needed to feel her feet moving through my body, using me like an oar moves through river.

She laughed with glee. Mistress Blunt understands her power fully. Mistress Blunt clearly gets such joy from it, she understands that being the best foot dominatrix and being a CBT dominatrix go hand-in-hand (or foot-in-foot, as it were).

She ordered me to re-position my body. No longer kneeling with my palms open, I was to now lay spread eagle on her wooden floor, my palms touching the ground. She gently lifted my head up and helped place a mask on my face, completely cutting off my sight. My body tensed as I laid on the cool floor, my spine straightening with the wood. My body was swimming electricity, stiff and twitching.

Mistress Blunt told me to breathe. To just breathe in and out. At first they were harsh, short, nervous breaths, but eventually I calmed. I heard her heels click on the floor. My body began to loosen, my spread legs began to slacken.

And then she kicked me right in the balls.

I rolled over onto my side in pain, moaning yet again. I had no thoughts. She pushed my thighs down and then pressed her heel right into my squirming dick. “Stay still!” she said, as a firm command. She dug deep and laughed more. I couldn’t see her but I could see her, if that makes
sense. I couldn’t think either. But I could see the best foot dominatrix and the best CBT dominatrix melding into one entity, I could see the world.

I don’t know entirely what happened to my dick during this session. Again, I couldn’t see. But Mistress Blunt clearly amused herself, and I screamed and I screamed until I could no longer see the world. I was nothing. I was a body that would respond to stimuli and nothing else. The stimuli of Mistress Blunt’s perfect feet kicking, her heels digging in, her nails running down my
body. I was her tool, I was her amusement. The best dominatrix I have ever seen chose to make me her tool.

Her feet were soft, and they were delicate. But they didn’t fit into my conception of feet. I could say they were weapons, but that sounds like Mistress Blunt coerced me into worship. I melted in front of them. Rather than reaching for metaphor, I will simply say that they are Mistress Blunt’s
feet. You will gravitate towards them as I have, and you will be at a loss for words.

BDSM Stories: Submissive’s first BDSM yoga visit.

What first caught my attention looking at Mistress Blunt’s site was BDSM yoga. I had no idea what that meant, but it sounded so intriguing. I’ve played with femdom and BDSM before, and generally have always known what I wanted. But something about Mistress Blunt made me want to push myself further, into what she called high protocol. It seemed a little scary, reading about that level of control, but there was something inherently trusting about Mistress Blunt.

After a few email exchanges we agreed to meet in her dungeon in Brooklyn. I’ve been to dungeons in NYC before, usually dark and metallic places with people moving in and out. Mistress Blunt had a different type of dungeon, filled with wooden floors and open light. There was a sense of ease in Mistress Blunt’s dungeon, a sense of trust.

After a warm and friendly introduction, I bought up what I had seen on her site. She quickly explained to me the first step of high protocol training: a proper position on the ground. On my knees, sitting my feet, palms open on my thighs, head high, eyes bowed. BDSM yoga, she told me, would follow as I found my breath.

It’s important to remember at this moment I was just taking in her beauty. My eyes seemed to sink into her deep cleavage, held tight by a black leather corset, her eyes had a piercing gaze. Her lips were so full, her voice was so sweet. I had played with BDSM and femdom before, but somehow, naked and in my first high protocol position, my head was swimming with an energy I had never felt before. The aura Mistress Blunt projects is overwhelming.

Which made it tough to find my breath, at first. I wanted so many things at that moment—to stare into her cleavage, to touch myself, to stare into her eyes and tell her how badly I needed femdom, to kiss her shiny black boots. I was in the position, overwhelmed by the possibilities, and my breathing quickened.

Nothing happened. I kept breathing. I felt Mistress Blunt’s hand on my chest. My breathing slowed. All of the things I wanted in that moment suddenly vanished. Well, that’s not quite true. They didn’t vanish. I wanted to stare at her cleavage and I wanted to touch myself and I wanted
so many things. But this was high protocol: with her touch, I began to realize that my wants and my desires were irrelevant for this session. My wants and desires were irrelevant because her high protocol was so much more important.

We moved through BDSM yoga together. She bent my body into different positions, constricted my movement when she thought it was necessary. She let me gaze into her cleavage for the briefest of moments as she worked my body into a proper pose, and the battle became clear in my mind: it was between my own desires and truly allowing myself to be molded into her
creation. I let out a moan as I stared, their softness and power coalescing in my body as something untouchable, a goal beyond goals, the impossibility of her breasts and the softness of my mind. She laughed a little and tugged my head down.

I wasn’t able to completely master high protocol or BDSM yoga in my first session with Mistress Blunt. But the energy I felt within myself was an elevated high, almost running around as the session ended. Mistress saw this energy within me and it amused her, and she allowed me to
hump the floor for a minute as I touched her legs. Then she sent me on my way, dazed and desperately needing further control.

Blood Play

If blood isn’t your cup of tea, feel free to skip this post! I’ll be sure not to remind you that we are all full of blood. But to me, there is nothing more romantic than blood play. For many, blood is associated with cold, medical environments. For me it stems from a place of curiosity and devotion. It is a ritual sacrifice, saved only for devoted submissives and explorers.

“Flesh is like a sensate tissue that extends beyond the physical body, touching and being touched by others, touching and being touched by the material world. It encompasses the spaces between oneself and others, creating a kind of unthought, visceral knowing. Flesh evokes both the vitality and frailty of the body, a sense of the loved and living body. Flesh is a medium of contact. Flesh is skin with depth, movement and vitality. There is the capacity to excite and disturb, the desire to get under another’s skin, to get into the other in such a way that will not be forgotten. To be taken over and filled up by another, to penetrate and be penetrated in our intimate relationships.”

We grasp and shape flesh like a prayer.

To be embodied.

To be dismembered.

To become undone.

But no matter how deep we are inside another, only our flesh will ever be our own.

Savoring the touch that makes our flesh more our own.

And gratitude for being permitted entry.

Folsom 2019

Mistress Blunt Human Furniture

My sweet Australian Submissive flew me from New York to San Francisco so I could parade her around the Folsom Street Fair. We made quite the scene as I dragged her around by the hair and whipped her in the streets. The energy of all of the leather daddys, leather dykes, and perverts was incredible. It feels so amazing being surrounded by your people and being witnessed in a public scene by fellow perverts.

New York City’s Folsom East is fun, but being able to get swept up in the crowd of perversion in San Francisco for this NYC Dominatrix was fun.

The night before the big event I went to a Femme centered play party. I met up with some of my leather family and we planned an elaborate Judaism high holiday scene which involved me cutting off one of my curls to glue on to a good jewish boy’s head for his bar mitzvah. Our honorific of choice was Bubbe and Zayde. I’ll let you imagine the rest. A little bit of religious play is always fun for me. Plus, I got to work in a little foot worship, foot fetish, boot care, human furniture and objectification all before the big day.

I’ll definitely be going next year! If you want to book a public session with me, this is a good way to do it! Click here if you want to be my Folsom arm candy and book a session.

The post that got me kicked off Instagram! ^

Someone even made memes of our scene! Now, I am back in NYC getting caught up with all of my regular, devoted submissives. This NYC Domme is very content with her trip to the West Coast. I can’t wait to return. As we always end the high holidays, next year in San Francisco!

Mistress Blunt in San Francisco for Folsom

I only make it to San Francisco once a year, and this year, I made sure that I would be there for the Folsom Street Festival. The first time I went to Folsom was the first time that I had my leathers (head to toe) done at a boot blacking station. Since then, I have been incorporating more leather worship and care into all of my sessions. I am excited to go to all of SF’s best kink parties, to indulge my leather fetish to the fullest, and to hang out with some of my favorite SF prodommes.

I am accepting VERY limited professional dominatrix sessions in San Francisco September 27-29th. I already have plans to drag a submissive girl around on a leash for some public worship and torture at a lesbian bar. What other trouble will I get into?

Click here to fill out my contact form to apply for a session while I am in San Francisco.

THE BREAK UP – the relationship that inspired it all

Can you imagine what it would be like to have been in my life and to not be anymore? Are you a masochist? Do you fetishize your break up with your ex and want to hear my unique take on humiliation and degradation? These clips are my favorite because my ex-boyfriend and I eroticized our break up and I turned him into my cuckold bitch. He filmed some of these clips and was the inspiration behind a lot of them. It was a cathartic process. Maybe you’ll hear what you need to move on, or maybe, something a little more devious might happen. Only way to find out…

Pool Boy with @willhavocxxx

Last month I spent a glorious week with Madeline Marlowe and Will Havoc in Las Vegas. We filmed some super sexy femdom content while I was out there. Creating with these two was certainly a treat. Check out my clip store for the first part of my 3 part pool boy clip with Will! Our chemistry is unparalleled. Stay tuned for more Femdom clips from Mistress Blunt!

Manifestation 2019

Mistress Blunt NYC Tights + Garter

The thing about BDSM that interests me is a genuine exchange of power. Your submission is a gift. Thank you for letting me play with it. I enjoy dominating individuals who are grounded. Individuals who are submitting to me not out of a place of need but a place of desire. A desire to be seen, to be held and a desire to surrender.

BDSM can be healing, let’s explore alternative paths to embodiment

In the next year I hope to call in more sessions with people who are like me; Queer. I hope to session with people who are exploring gender in interesting and creative ways, with people who are looking to delve deeply into the body and establish new relationships with a body that they may have a complicated relationship with. BDSM is a great way to be sexual and intimate without a necessary focus on genitals. I work with a lot of folks who have trauma histories or traumatic relationships with their bodies and are interested in BDSM as a healing practice.

I am interested in training individuals in my high protocol D/s dynamics. I am interested in people who thrive in D/s dynamics and find a form of mutual support in how they support their Domme through their submission.

I am letting go of folks who push my boundaries, of people who want more from me than I am able to give, and of succubus clients where no matter how much they pay, it never feels equitable because it is so exhausting.

I am working on being firm with my boundaries and establishing more rigid check ins with the clients I have established relationships with while saving energy for personal relationships and friendships.

My favorite sessions revolve entirely around establishing firm D/s dynamics, slave training, orgasm control and weaving foot, boot, leather worship and select other fetishes into my training style.

I would love more:

  1. Extended GFE Domme Sessions
  2. Bath fetish sessions (doubles with the Goddess Aviva!)
  3. Sorority Hazing session with 2+ other Domme friends.
  4. Death Meditations, Death role plays and entheogen exploration, offering your life into the hands of a Goddess and the earth.
  5. Whips. I would love to play with more heavy masochists who love whips as much as I do.
  6. Leather body bag / mummification sessions.
  7. Gender exploration sessions.
  8. Blood play // Needle Play
  9. Ritual Work
  10. Foot fetish sessions // ass worship // face sitting sessions
  11. Working with newbies to figure out what they want and to step into their dominance or submission.
  12. Tease and Denial Sessions

Keep in mind that I keep an afternoon a week open for sliding scale 2-hr sessions for people who are not cis-men.

Dream Clients:

In order to discuss any of the following, please send a $100 Amazon gift card and a letter of inquiry.

Here are some opportunities for more personal service for slaves who are interested in contributing to my life in a meaningful capacity, but are uninterested in or not ready for traditional sessions or would like to deepen and augment our relationship outside of session.

  1. Someone interested in contributing annually to my Roth IRA. Maybe you are in the business of money and get off on ensuring your Goddess has financial security and wise investments. ($5500 annually)
  2. Generous ‘Patron’ slaves interested in socializing and funding my education in yoga and public health research ($200 to discuss)
  3. A self care slave: someone interested in contributing monthly for my self care indulgences with whom I will bestow the honor of attending a massage or yoga class with me every month and an opportunity to discuss how to improve their own self care practices. ($1500 monthly)
  4. A farmer’s market slave to take me shopping at the Union Square Farmer’s Market for farm fresh veggies, local goodies and flowers weekly or 2x. ($150-$200 per trip)
  5. A fetish slave: to have the privilege of taking me shopping for leather, cashmere, silk, boots and stockings and the privilege of watching me indulge my fetishes and hedonism. ($1000 minimum)
  6. A community service slave who texts me weekly or monthly asking what charity I would like them to donate to.  ($100 minimum)
  7. More slaves to tend to my wish lists and surprise me with gifts.
  8. Open to bartering with a furniture making submissive!
  9. Devoted, submissive masochists to the front of the line, please

Sweaty Summers in NYC

I’ve been traveling a lot the last few months, but New York City will always be my home. Through and through I am a NYC-Dominatrix. My favorite BDSM clients hail from New York City. Maybe it is something with the masochism of living and surviving in this sweaty and expensive city that makes submissives from NYC so sweet. Or maybe I am just a homebody who enjoys making people come to me. Either way, I’ve learned that even as a traveling dominatrix, I am a New York City dominatrix at heart. NYC will always be my home, and you will always be my bitch.

xxMistress Blunt