Financial Domination (Findom)

So you’re into findom?

Have you always wanted a findomme to control your finances and spend your paycheck? Or perhaps you think you’re different than all my others? That you won’t succumb to my charm, won’t eagerly await every opportunity to spend your my money on me? That’s cute.

I’ll slowly manipulate you into accepting your place in life as my wallet.

What is financial domination (findom)?

Financial domination (commonly known as findom) is a money- and wealth-centric fetish or kink in the BDSM community. Those into findom enjoy giving away (or receiving) money. Findom can include, but is not limited to:

  • Sending large sums of money as a one-off tribute,
  • Consistently sending money every month (or sending a negotiated part of your income),
  • Mandated (and enforced) budgets,
  • Financial contracts (legally binding… or otherwise),
  • Paying a cum tax as part of orgasm control,
  • Receiving an allowance from me (it’s my money, after all),
  • Begging me for permission to spend your my money on yourself,
  • Paying for other people to take me on dates, and
  • Anything else your perverted little mind can imagine.

In a society where money is power, what greater way to surrender to me than through the direct transfer of your cash? If you’re reading this, you likely enjoy giving your money (and other assets) to superior women. Perhaps almost as much as I enjoy taking it from you.

Gold jewelry and diamonds, designer brands, all expense paid trips around the world… your money looks better on me. Don’t you agree, darling?

Financial domination (findom) is for generous individuals who want to prove their devotion to me by indulging my boundless hedonism. If you’re looking for a dominant woman to control your finances, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you’re paying my rent or buying my morning coffee, we both know your money is already mine, don’t we?

Findom is how you find meaning in your life after all, isn’t it? Sending a superior woman money? Handing over the ultimate manifestation of control: your bank account? You’ve been searching, struggling. Don’t worry, darling, I’m here to help you… I have a use for you.

But my stable is full of useful finsubs, so if you want my attention, you’re going to have to add something tangible to my life. You’re going to have to beg (and pay) for my attention, darling. Purpose is expensive.

This is where submissives like you belong, isn’t it? Adding to the beauty in my life, financially supporting me and my every whim… and not speaking unless spoken to.

Why are people into financial domination (findom)?

You’re not alone. For some, findom can be a relief: having someone handle your finances for you can be comforting. For others, seeing another person enjoy the fruits of their labor is a sublime form of surrender and an ultimate pleasure. For others still, it’s about total power exchange (TPE) and deep devotion within a negotiated D/s relationship.

Whatever it is that drew you here, welcome. Findom happens to be one of my personal favorite kinks. Do you get off on that hit of dopamine that rushes to your brain (and… elsewhere) when you click “Send” and say, “Thank you, Mistress.”? Or do you enjoy the bondage and restraint of surrendering your money to Mistress?

There are so many ways for us to play together.

Tell me… what power does money hold over you? How much of that power would you surrender to make me happy?

Ready to hand over your wallet? I’ll show you how good it feels to hit send, darling:

Apply to Serve Me

Want to introduce yourself to me properly? You do want to be good for me, don’t you? Think big, then think bigger.

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