BDSM Stories: Worshiping Mommy’s Leather Boots

I’m standing in the doorway. She’s standing in the middle of the room in front of a chair with dark wooden legs, arm rests and a black leather seat. My breath is caught in my chest as my eyes focus on her. Black lace lingerie, her curly hair resting on her shoulders.

BDSM Stories: Piss Play & Golden Showers with Mommy

I knock on her door. Butterflies in my stomach, my hands shaking, as I shift my weight side to side, the desperation building inside of me. Regretting all the water I drank before I got here. I have to go so bad. Why did I have to follow her piss play instructions so exactly? Distracted …

BDSM Stories: Chastity Cages & Cuckolding Dates

The click-clack of Mistress’ boots on the hardwood floor drew closer. The slight jump of my heartbeat and chastity cage signalled both anticipation and a slight fear as she drew near. A stern, “Down boy,” instructs me to my knees, where my eyes gaze upon the buttery dark leather of Mistress’ boots.