BDSM Stories: Rope Bondage and Corporal Punishment in the Woods

“Hello Mommy, I am just playing with Poodle while we wait for you,” said Jacky.  “Playing with Poodle is making him fetch a stick, Jacky, not satisfying your desires and teasing him,” replied Mistress Blunt. “Did they offer to release your cage, Poodle?” Mistress Blunt asked.  I could only nod the affirmative.

Power, Pleasure, and Pain: An Interview with Nicolle Hodges

Nicolle and I sat down to talk about all things power, pleasure, and pain for the launch of the Girls Who Say Fuck club on Clubhouse–a new drop-in audio app. We dove into our journeys discovering what dominance and submission look like in, and out, of BDSM dynamics, and the ways that these relationships foster …