Mistress Blunt and Mistress Eva-Oh tell a romantic ghost story.

Exquisite Corpse with Dominatrix Eva Oh.

Mistress Blunt and Mistress Eva participate in a live storytelling event to co-create one of their dream scenes. Eva Oh is a BDSM Trainer and the creator of #teakink and Safeword Podcast. Her writing has appeared on The Daily Beast and Slutever; and she has been featured in the likes of VICE and DAZED. She also hosts workshops and events on sexuality.

Mistress Blunt in Yoga pants

How Your Friendly Neighborhood Dominatrix is Navigating COVID-19: Eroticizing Social Distance

Hello Darlings, I am sure you have all been eager to know the steps that I have been taking in my business to keep myself and my clients safe in this chaotic and scary time of COVID-19. Let me assure you that I have enough latex gloves and cavicide to last me for a few …