“Everything in the world is about sex except sex. Sex is about power.”

Oscar Wilde

Power was my first true love. Gender and sex have always paled in comparison to it. It was never someone’s gender that drew me to them, but rather how they played with it.

How they carried themselves, and how they relinquished their power to me.

How they acquiesced control, letting me bring them to the edge of what they could bear for my amusement.

How they begged me to break them so I could show them how strong they are.

How they took pleasure in my pleasure and how eager they were to be of use to me.

I found language for my sadism when I was eighteen and I began my training at an old-guard BDSM training chateau, where I studied and embodied the art of BDSM. I have been studying power dynamics in many modalities ever since, taking things from my old-guard training that serve me and releasing the protocols that do not. I’m always collaboratively creating new ones in their place with partners and with community.

I am intuitive by nature. While I am not a mind reader, I am frequently asked how I can so easily read someone, even their most well-hidden desires. If allowed, I’ll slip into your head, plant my seeds, and step back to watch them grow into something devastatingly beautiful.

Perhaps that’s something you’ve always dreamed of? Your destruction (and reconstruction) has never looked so good, darling.

When you are aware of the way that power dynamics play out in the inception of desire, the creation of the world, and the systems that surround us, you realize how this awareness can give someone like me the ability to easily manipulate someone like you to their will.

Lucky for you, I only play with individuals who share a common goal: your utter and complete submission.

I realized my power at a very young age and have spent the last twenty years learning to hone my intuition, cultivate my power… and control my natural sadism.

Professional Dominatrix and Lifestyle Femdom

As one of NYC’s top dominatrixes, I am ethical with sharp wit and a well-honed blade.

D/s relationships and leather are a lifestyle for me. I live, love, and breathe leather. I take my high protocol submissive training very seriously, and enjoy shaping submissives to bring me precise and elegant pleasure.

I will teach you exactly where it is that you belong, little one. And I think that you’ll find peace there.

While my sessions may be therapeutic, I am not a therapist.

You may find my sessions to be healing, though I am not a healer.

I believe that everyone has their own innate capacity to heal themselves—in solitude, partnership, and in community. I believe that ritual and BDSM are just a couple of the paths to reach plastic states of altered consciousness (like topspace or subspace).

As a certified yoga instructor and full-spectrum doula, I love creating self-care regimens for devoted submissives. I believe that anyone offering themself to me for service should strive to serve themselves in the same capacity they do me. After all, you wouldn’t want to treat something that belongs to me poorly, would you?

As a professional dominatrix and lifestyle femdom, I have no problem asking for exactly what I want and telling you precisely what I want you to do for me. Though serious and strict, if you approach me with respect, you will find me remarkably down to earth and easy to be around.

I am a woman who knows what she wants, and exactly how to get it from you.

I am particularly fond of exploring your secret needs, desires, and urges. I enjoy guiding you to your emotional edges, and holding the space for you to explore previously uncharted or repressed territory.

I love tears, asceticism, and suffering for self-knowledge and self-improvement.

My personal and professional BDSM interests are vast and varied. I enjoy natural submission and offering. I seek submissives who trust that I will take them to where they need to go. I like to utilize and torment all of your senses, bending you completely to my will, and training you up to my impeccable standards.

I have a very fulfilling, interdisciplinary life on top of my interests and studies in BDSM and my work as a dominatrix. I work at the intersection of tech, community organizing, and public health. I am a recipient of the 2020 Barlow Pioneer Award from EFF. I am a writer and an artist. I am part of a NYC BDSM reading group with some of the leading scholars and artists in contemporary BDSM theory.

I host workshops on the healing potential of BDSM. I lecture at some of the top universities and I write educational pieces on my BDSM practices. I have been featured in Psychology Today, Hustler, Vice, Glamour, BuzzFeed, and more. I’ve been quoted as an expert in the BDSM field in more publications than I can count.

I spend the majority of my time tending to my hedonistic desires, taking care of my body and mind. I bring all aspects of myself to my work: my intellect, my wit, my curiosity, and my desire to challenge you.

Power is relevant to everything that we do. This is why I have no interest in the performance of power for someone else’s desire. A session with me is not a performance, it is an experience—if you allow it to be. I tap in an archetype of power that fits our dynamic: dominatrix, goddess, femdom, mommy, daddy, babysitter… the possibilities are limited only by your imagination.

I explore what power feels like in the body when wielded responsibly and intelligently. I ask questions.

What does it feel like to be invited to remain present while moving through discomfort?

Where do you find vulnerability and strength in your submission?

How can we integrate newfound awareness gleaned through submission into our lives?

It is through intention that what we call “play” becomes power, and it is through taking the first step that you can learn the strength in submission.

Are you ready to step out of the dungeon and into the light? Are you ready to truly submit to me?

I have a modest harem of devoted submissives, both in New York City and from around the world, who serve me and wear my collar. (Quality, not quantity; do you get it yet?)

With almost 12 years of experience in the BDSM community and over nine years of experience offering professional BDSM sessions in NYC, I have the privilege of being very selective about who I choose to see.

This means if you do not know what you want, I will not be seeing you.

This means if your interests don’t align with mine, I will not be seeing you.

This means if you aren’t respectful or intentional about your contact with me, I will not be seeing you.

Choose your words wisely and make a good first impression.

I am currently based out of New York City (NYC) and upstate New York, but often find myself traveling to Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Paris, Berlin, and Barcelona.

I conduct online BDSM and fetish sessions (during the COVID-19 outbreak and beyond) to keep kink alive as well. This is an excellent opportunity for casual conversation about kink and to get to know one another before diving into something deeper…

I am excited to connect with submissives who are interested in exploring and examining themselves through the cultivation of a long-term, high protocol D/s relationship. Does that sound like you?

If so, I invite you to explore some of my personal favorite kinks.

High Protocol D/s Relationships

My interests revolve around power exchange, and the embodiment of power and powerlessness through a D/s relationship. I enjoy edgeplay and guiding you to your limits. I enjoy creating protocols that are specific to our unique dynamic. The protocol I have developed with one submissive may look drastically different from that of another.

Do you think you have what it takes to meet my high standards? Do you want to be trained by me? Read more.

Power Exchange & Femdom Girlfriend (GFE)

I have always found power intoxicating. Power exchange is inextricably linked to my sexuality and how I conduct my relationships. This offering is for individuals seeking something a little more personal. Intimate, if you will. Our interactions will focus on my desires and delights as I instruct you on how to please me. You do want to please me, don’t you? Read more to find out how.

My list of BDSM kinks is long and diverse. Click here to see how you can start serving me.

I am beyond what you could have dreamed. I assure you, you will not be the same.

I am everywhere. Familiarize yourself with my website, my blog, my newsletter, my Twitter, my Instagram, my AVNStars, my OnlyFans, my Niteflirt, my SextPanther, and my femdom clips. After gaining a better understanding of my style of domination and interest in power exchange, please fill out my submissive application form to request an initial meeting.

Initial meetings often involve a social component so I can assess our compatibility and how your service could fit into my life.

Want to make a good first impression? Spoil me.