Shoe Shopping and Chocolate Eating with Miss Couple

Miss Couple tells Me she is in the city and invites Me to brunch. Her presence in the city is a rare and her time is a coveted thing. I do not get to see My sister nearly enough, and when I do it is usually feral romps in the wilderness or late night sleepovers.



She sends Me an address for a cafe that she wants to meet in and assures Me that they have coffee AND champagne. I enter the building and go up the escalator and am enveloped in a sea of shoes. I should have known that if Miss Couple was inviting me somewhere, that shoe shopping would be involved. After 20 minutes off getting lost in a sea of distractions, and falling passionately in love with a pair of black leather Frye Boots, I find the restaurant, and My sister, Miss Couple. We share sea salted caramel chocolates and catch up. When our plate is empty, it is time to try on shoes.

Miss Couple will be in town every other Thursday for the next few months. I wonder which submissive will be lucky enough to take us on our next shopping excursion… It is only a few blocks away from our favorite dungeon…

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