High Protocol D/s

As a classically trained dominatrix, there is nothing that I enjoy more than high protocol D/s (Dominance/submission) training. Training a submissive up to my standards creates the building blocks to develop a beautiful and mutually beneficial relationship. A relationship where you are able to serve me to my standards. A relationship where you prioritize my pleasure. A relationship where your body becomes a vehicle for service.

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Mistress + boy Staycation in NYC!

Early last month, my darling submissive rented us a room at one of my favorite boutique hotels, for a kinky staycation. He knows that I adore staying in well designed hotels with abundant natural light in New York City and he knows that a happy Mistress means a happy submissive. My favorite part of our stay was looking at the Brooklyn Bridge and the NYC skyline with a glass of earthy red in my hand while the sun set and my boots rested on my slut’s back. I also used him as a human tripod and we had an impromptu photoshoot! In the morning I ordered breakfast in bed and had my morning coffee before I let him out of the body bag that I graciously allowed him to sleep in at the foot of my bed.

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Professional Domination, Personal Subs and Fulfilling Kinky Relationships.

I get a lot of requests from individuals looking to serve me as a personal submissive. This is not something that I offer to individuals whom I do not know. Serving me in a more personal capacity requires proving your devotion and your dedication. Personal service is a privilege that is earned, and one that is sustained through regular and devoted service, sessions and tribute.

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January Travel: West Palm Beach and Los Angeles.

I will be spending some time in West Palm Beach and Los Angeles this January. I will have limited availability and hoping to connect with some like minded kinksters! Please note that I prefer prebookings and longer engagements while I am traveling. I am picky about who I choose to see, so be sure to follow my instructions to make sure that your application stands out. To find out more, click here. To apply to serve, click here.

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Upstate Leather Daddy Estate with Natasha Gornik.

Natasha Gornik is someone whose work I’ve admired for a few years and earlier in August, I had the opportunity to shoot with her.

I met Natasha on a country street in Upstate New York and we went to visit my friend Bo in the Catskills. He gave us free reign of his luxurious 3-story house and victorian gardens. Bo’s house is full of elegant mahogany tables, leather furniture and beautiful light. Each corner was a treasure trove of luxurious materials and items.

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