Foot Fetish + Foot Worship

So maybe I have a foot fetish, or at least a fetish for having my perfectly pedicured toes worshiped. There is something just so right about you kneeling at my feet and accepting your place below me.

I love how distracted foot boys get as I dangle my heel in front of their face and slowly peel off my stockings, as if nothing else existed apart from my feet! That type of power is divine, that type of dominance is sublime! It is what I live for.

When I am back in New York City, I love for my NY boys to beg to worship my feet.

Walking around New York City all day can be exhausting (especially in the boots that I like to wear!) So having a NY-based harem of devoted foot boys to eagerly tend to their Mistress is a must to survive in this city.

To massage and clean my divine feet, and to beg to worship my pretty toes. Foot worship and foot domination are so romantic, don’t you think?

As spring is fast approaching I want to remind you all that I ADORE outdoor foot worship sessions in NYC.

If you are in NYC and want to see an elite dominatrix and worship her mouthwatering feet, fill out my contact form here.

I’ll see you soon, darling.