Forced Self Care

I adore create  sustainable self care practices for my submissives. In order to serve me up to my standards, one must first learn to take care of themselves. I expect submissives to actively engage with their health, and work to become their best version of themselves so that they can offer more to me and surrender completely.

As fun as it may be to play with taking advantage of your weaknesses, I take much greater pleasure in you confronting them yourself and offering me a self that has been worked on and explored. It is so much more intoxicating and challenging to dominate someone who is willingly offering me the entirety of a thoroughly examined self.

I love toying with the concept of forced self care. Sometimes it is through relinquishing control that we learn to wield it and in turn learn to care for ourselves. Can you learn to relinquish control without relinquishing responsibility for self care and self worth? I support clients to have healthy relationships with their bodies and with their masochism.

We all know that it is often easier to say something nice about someone else, than it is to accept compliments for ourselves. We are often our own harshest critics. Devoting your practice, the fruits of your labor and the actions of your life to your Mistress allows you the ease of serving ‘other’ while simultaneously serving the Self and reaping the benefits of submission. Your actions become in service to your Mistress, every action embedded with a deep sense of gratitude, grounding and humility.

As a New York City Dominatrix, I know that the rush of life can be overwhelming. NYC is madness. Find stillness at my feet. Beg me to be your guide and create a self care regimen for you, as an act of service to me. A holistic dominatrix? A dominant personal trainer? An encouraging life-coach with beautiful feet? Who would have thought that what you are seeking was right here all along.

# through  has infinite potential.

High Protocol D/s

As a classically trained dominatrix, there is nothing that I enjoy more than high protocol D/s (Dominance/submission) training. Training a submissive up to my standards creates the building blocks to develop a beautiful and mutually beneficial relationship. A relationship where you are able to serve me to my standards. A relationship where you prioritize my pleasure. A relationship where your body becomes a vehicle for service.

Having a harem of well trained submissives in NYC and Brooklyn brings me so much pleasure. Do you think you have what it takes to join the ranks of my harem?

Foot Fetish + Foot Worship

nyc feet on beach mistress blunt

So maybe I have a foot fetish, or at least a fetish for having my perfectly pedicured toes worshiped. There is something just so right about you kneeling at my feet and accepting your place below me.

I love how distracted foot boys get as I dangle my heel in front of their face and slowly peel off my stockings, as if nothing else existed apart from my feet! That type of power is divine, that type of dominance is sublime! It is what I live for.

When I am back in New York City, I love for my NY boys to beg to worship my feet.

Walking around New York City all day can be exhausting (especially in the boots that I like to wear!) So having a NY-based harem of devoted foot boys to eagerly tend to their Mistress is a must to survive in this city.

To massage and clean my divine feet, and to beg to worship my pretty toes. Foot worship and foot domination are so romantic, don’t you think?

As spring is fast approaching I want to remind you all that I ADORE outdoor foot worship sessions in NYC.

If you are in NYC and want to see an elite dominatrix and worship her mouthwatering feet, fill out my contact form here.

I’ll see you soon, darling.

Los Angeles and San Francisco March 10-26, 2019!

I’ll be back on the West Coast March 10-26th and taking sessions in San Francisco and Los Angeles! SF and LA are two of my favorite cities in California (and the states). Winter in New York can be brutal, and I am so excited to spend time in the sunshine as winter comes to an end. Perhaps we can enjoy a LA foot fetish session on the beach? Or a heavy leather, high protocol D/s scene wandering the streets of San Francisco or Santa Monica?

I am hosting sessions out of a discrete hotel and I will be connecting with my longtime LA slave and some lucky SF newbies. I still have a few openings, so be sure to get in touch and stand out.

I also enjoy kinky yoga, psychological domination, D/s high protocol training, slave training, whipping, corporal punishment, and spanking to name a few activities! I am well known as a high protocol dominatrix as well as for my mind boggling foot fetish sessions! I have very sensitive feet and love to be pampered! Fill out my application form to request a session and I look forward to seeing you in Southern California!

2018 Holiday Wishlist

For those who asked, here is my holiday wishlist, though to be honest, my life (and closet) are pretty full. And, as always, cash is king. If you’d like to get me something sweet for the holidays this year, I’d adore you stuffing my stocking with cold hard cash. Cash for me to invest, for me to go on vacation with, for me to spend on bodywork, for me to continue decorating my apartment for me to spoil family and friends. Nothing makes me sleep as sweetly as sleeping on top of a mattress on a pile of cash…

…but that’s not to say that I can’t make room for exquisite objects. Here are a few I have been wet dreaming about.

1. I have been dying for this stunning, white,  cast iron Le Creuset set. I love cooking and feeding family, friends and lovers over the holidays.

2. I’ve never met a pair of thigh high boots I didn’t like. I’ve had my eye on this pair from Louboutin.

3. Indulge my cashmere fetish. This, this or this from TSE Cashmere.

4. Witchy shoes from John Fluevog.


Perhaps you’d like to get me a new toy or device for my dungeon that you adore too! Perhaps you’d like to be bound in these Fetters full arm bondage mitts. Or maybe you’d love to go all the way and play with me in a custom leather body bag made precisely to your measurements?

Perhaps you know that facilitating me making people I love smile is the way to my heart. If that’s the case, my Momma has been begging me to make a boy buy her shoes. She would ADORE a gift card to John Fluevog.

Or maybe you’re not aMomma’s boy and you are just a cuck. Maybe you would enjoy buying beautiful objects for my lover and I? Check out my cuck wishlist if that’s the case. I put it together just for you.

Nothing pleases me more than when people who adore me support the communities I do activism work with. Maybe you’d like to make a year end giving donation in my honor. I prefer smaller not non-profit organizations who I know will give the money directly where needed. Send a donation to Red Canary Song (paypal to [email protected]) or for Alisha Walker’s family to visit her in prison. If you’d like to make a donation to a 501 C3, I like supporting the Third Wave Fund – Sex Worker Giving Circle.

I know you want to please me, aren’t you lucky that I know exactly what I want?

**Venmo or PayPal amount with holiday note and an indication of what they are for!

Manifesting: Dream Sessions and Dream Clients.

I know, darlings. Perhaps you’re new to this. Perhaps you still think that this relationship is about what you want. But this is about power exchange. This is not about your ego, this is about learning to serve another. I am uninterested in your fantasy. Of course, revealing them to me is encouraged, as it gives me an understanding of your psyche and of how to mold you into the perfect supplicant for service. I know what I want, I know how to articulate my needs, and that means that there are plenty of opportunities for you to please me.

What I am interested in, is you relinquishing complete and utter control. Abandoning your attachment to a fantasy or role play and surrendering yourself completely at my feet. I am interested in training individuals who are interested in serving me exactly how I like to be served. In that vein, here are a few session ideas that I would like to explore and a few opportunities for relationships outside of traditional sessions that I would like to cultivate this year. Here are a few ideas of how you can attempt to please me and bring a smile to my face.

Fantasy/Favorite Sessions:

  1. My favorite sessions revolve entirely around establishing firm D/s dynamics, slave training, orgasm control and weaving foot, boot, leather worship and select other fetishes into my training style.
  2. Cucking cucks with other cucks.
  3. Castration fetish fantasy session where we listen to detachable penis on repeat.
  4. Bath fetish sessions (doubles with the Goddess Aviva!)
  5. Sorority Hazing session with 2+ other Domme friends.
  6. Death Meditations, Death role plays and entheogen exploration, offering your life into the hands of a Goddess and the earth.
  7. Whips. I would love to play with more heavy masochists who love whips as much as I do.
  8. Leather body bag / mummification sessions.
  9. All the femme and nonbinary babes!

Dream Clients:

In order to discuss any of the following, please send a $100 Amazon gift card and a letter of inquiry.

Here are some opportunities for more personal service for slaves who are interested in contributing to my life in a meaningful capacity, but are uninterested in or not ready for traditional sessions or would like to deepen and augment our relationship outside of session.

  1. Someone interested in contributing annually to my Roth IRA. Maybe you are in the business of money and get off on ensuring your Goddess has financial security and wise investments. ($5500 annually)
  2. Generous ‘Patron’ slaves interested in socializing and funding my education in yoga and public health research ($200 to discuss)
  3. A self care slave: someone interested in contributing monthly for my self care indulgences with whom I will bestow the honor of attending a massage or yoga class with me every month and an opportunity to discuss how to improve their own self care practices. ($1500 monthly)
  4. A farmer’s market slave to take me shopping at the Union Square Farmer’s Market for farm fresh veggies, local goodies and flowers weekly or 2x. ($150-$200 per trip)
  5. A fetish slave: to have the privilege of taking me shopping for leather, cashmere, silk, boots and stockings and the privilege of watching me indulge my fetishes and hedonism. ($1000 minimum)
  6. A community service slave who texts me weekly or monthly asking what charity I would like them to donate to.  ($100 minimum)
  7. More slaves to tend to my wish lists and surprise me with gifts.
  8. Open to bartering with a furniture making submissive!
  9. Devoted, submissive masochists to the front of the line, please!


Session Musings: The Smell of Worms//Petrichor

I made him inhale deeply. Working on his breath for an hour before I let him stick his tongue out and try and taste. To beg. I teased him and put my hands down my pants and my fingers slipped right into my pussy. I took my fingers out and held them in front of his face and made him look at the little beads of wetness pulled apart into spider webs between my fingers. I draped the spider web over his tongue and teased, “look how wet you’re making me.”

I buried his head back into my panties and made him breathe in deeper to remember my scent. I told him to memorize it. To get drunk on it. To write an essay about it. So he could conjure that desire wherever he was. He said, smiling “This is how Mistress smells before I cry.” Before the rain. Like the 15-year-old bottle of Burgundy wine that he brought me. I jokingly told him that I tasted notes of worms. That mineraly smell that comes up right as the rain first touches the earth that is always accompanied by the drowning carcasses of worms. That wet stones release a mineraly gas into the air when caressed, wet. Maybe that is the smell I smell when I think I smell worms, the minerals. Minerality. Petrichor.

He says my pussy smells differently after I watch someone cry. The wine opened up in the hour we let it sit.

The Mountain Mistress, Upstate NY Dominatrix: Mistress Blunt goes leaf peeping 10/28-10/30! Hudson Valley – Inquire about a session now!

I will be taking limited sessions in the Hudson Valley – 10/28-10/30!

I lived in the Hudson Valley for many years and Upstate New York is one of my favorite places to play. I adore taking submissives on hikes in the mountains, taking ritual baths in mountain streams, and whipping you mercilessly where no one can hear you scream.

My schedule fills up quickly when I am traveling, so be a dear and book ahead. As always, priority goes to 2+ hr sessions. If you haven’t filled out my contact form, you can do so here.

I also enjoy kinky yoga, foot fetish sessions, psychological domination, D/s high protocol training, slave training, whipping, corporal punishment, and spanking to name a few activities!