He is lava.

“You are lava.” I say. “See how the blood rises to the surface pooling under these welts? Feel their warmth? You feel hot. Like lava.” My fingers graze the surface of his raised flesh, tracing the marks I’ve given him like you trace a route on a map when you’re trying to find your way home.

“I’m lava,” he mumbles and nestles his head into the space between my shoulder and neck. My hand gathers up his hair and I hold him in his place. I smell the sweetness of my scent commingling with his musk. Our scents merge into an intoxicating aroma.

I approach him from behind. He closes his eyes and turns inward. I crack my whip and air passes by his ear like a light breeze. I hold my whip, feeling the buttery leather hide in my hand. When I hold my whip I feel as if there is an electric pulsation from my cunt to the tip of my whip, as if the whip were just an extension of my sex. I take my time, enjoying dancing with my whip as I get my aim. I allow the whip to gently fall to his shoulders and he starts to sweat even more.

He is sweating. Not just from the heat of the room. Not because his hands are bound tightly to his body. Not from fear of pain, but from the fear that I am taking him to where he needs to be. That this dance is the perfect act of symbiosis. Through a whisper, he begs to be whipped harder. “Please, Mistress,” he says. I have his wrists and feet secured to suspension points in the ceiling and floor helping to hold him up. His head is cocked to his left and his eyes are softly closed. He looks serene.

I throw my whip and it wraps around his chest so that the entirety of his torso is encompassed by my whip. It strikes his back and wraps around to his ribs. My whip meets his flesh, making a noise that sounds as if he is hollow. His sweat is trapped between the crevices of his body and and he tries not to cry. He wants more.

I give it to him. His breath is no longer his. With each strike, his breath belongs more and more to me. I dance with my whip, giving him more, coming over to feel what I’ve given him. I feel where the flesh is already raised and hot. When I come over, I ask how he is doing. He tells me, “I am lava,” and smiles.

I give him more and he makes less noise. His eyes are closed, he is passing through a place beyond darkness to a place darker than the cover that just closed eyes provide. Where he is just a body, the place where he craves to go. A place where he can feel the whip, and know that it hurts and not need to make any noise. I call him back and place my palm on his chest and whisper into his ear, “I am going to see if I can get the whip to reach your heart.” He moans with pleasure.

I leave him standing with his damp skin met with the cool dungeon air and the dependable thud of the whip. He is smiling, crying, shaking and possibly laughing. I am inside the pain and darkness with him and inside of his body and mind. That is why it is so dark. I am in his heart, welcoming and beckoning the whip.

I approach him and lay my hands on his flesh and hold him in. My hands encourage him to sink down on the ground. He is small and wants to be smaller. He rests his head on my lap. “Thank you,” he smiles. “I am a sack of potatoes. I am human. I am lava.”


My Ideal Session.

With almost 10 years experience in the BDSM community, and over five years of offering professional BDSM sessions in NYC, I am a woman who knows what she likes and one who knows exactly how to get it. I have the privilege of being very selective about who I choose to see; this means if your interests don’t align with mine, I will not be seeing you. This means if you aren’t respectful or intentional about your contact with me, you won’t be seeing me. Here is my breakdown of what I look for in potential clients/students/slaves and what my ideal session/client/slave looks like.

My ideal session begins before you even contact me. It begins when you see my ad, stumble upon my twitter and get lost in the trail of information I have scattered across the web, all leading you directly into mine. I want you to do your research, to know why you have chosen me. I am selective about who I see and if you are unable to tell me what about ME resonated with you, it is likely that I will choose not to see you. I see only individuals with whom I share common ground. I want to hear your intrigue and curiosity to explore. I want to feel your desire to make my pleasure your ultimate goal. I adore playing with individuals who identify as a masochist, little, slave or submissive. I enjoy playing with individuals who are eager to be trained to my standards. I do not particularly enjoy playing with bratty bottoms. My ideal client is interested in developing a lasting, committed and regular relationship, though this is not always necessary or called for.

You will follow my protocol of how to book a session, respecting my requirement for 24 hours notice. (Noting I prefer 3 days to 1 week notice). You communicate with me in full sentences. You have thought about what you’d like to get out of your experience with me. You do not send me copy and pasted inquiries (these do not get responses). You are respectful of my boundaries, my desires and my interests and are not stuck to an idea of a fantasy or role play that doesn’t allow for breathing room and the exploration of true D/s dynamics. I enjoy someone who is eager to be trained. I enjoy playing with individuals who are curious or have already started on a path of of personal self exploration and growth. I enjoy playing with both individuals who know how to articulate what they want and those who are interested in exploring and examining their sexualities.

You send me a deposit as instructed without hesitation. All of the ways that you communicate with me provide me with information as to how you will be as a submissive. I realize sending money online can be scary, but it denotes respect of my time and there are plenty of ways to anonymously send a deposit. Your access to me shouldn’t be easy. My time is a rare and valuable resource that requires respect, my time needs to be convinced to be secured.

You confirm your session with me as per your instructions. You show up on time, freshly showered and unadorned with any scents (unscented deodorant is fine). I want to be able to smell your fear and adorn you with scents and oils of my choosing if I desire. You render your tribute to me how I direct, in a white envelope placed tenderly on my entrance table with gratitude. Perhaps you have brought me a gift as well, thoughtfully selected as per my likings.

I will ask you if there is anything I need to know about your body and your mind. You will answer me. You will be asked a lot of questions and you will give me the information I desire so that I can toy with your body and your mind. I will tell you to remove your clothing. I will tell you to kneel. We have already begun.

Me, My Muse and I.

My dungeon has some of the most exquisite light. There are ample mirrors to reflect not only the light, but your pain. This way, I can see you suffering for Me from all angles, and if you are lucky, you might catch a glimpse of Me as well.

As a photographer and a narcissist, I have always been interested in My image. I am typically uninterested in how others view Me, unless I admire their artistic proclivities. Self-portraiture is one of My favorite forms of artistic expression (and foreplay/self-love). The other day I arrived early to My dungeon as Magic Hour was approaching. I caught My reflection in the mirror and was struck with how perfectly the light was caressing Me and My perfect feet. Luckily, I had My camera with Me.


Cultivating a Devotional Yoga Practice.

The most frequent e-mail I get is requesting more information on kinky yoga. Whether it be developing a crush on their bare-foot teacher, focusing their drishti on a particular yoga bum or noticing similarities between sub-space and their yoga practice, it seems that every man who has been to a yoga class has picked up on it’s pervertable potential.

I’ve been incorporating elements of yoga into My slave training since I first got involved in the scene. But it is an exciting thing when I get to incorporate slave training into a slave’s regular yoga practice or help people explore their kinks through a different and potentially unknown modality. I like My slaves to be cognizant of what they do to their bodies and what they put in them, because if they are offering Me their body, it better be cared for. To offer Me an uncared for vessel is an insult.

Practicing yoga, much like submitting to a skilled Domina, can be remarkably therapeutic and cathartic and can have countless benefits. For many, yoga is a deeply spiritual practice based in ideas of devotion and surrender. So, it is only natural that when setting an intention for your practice, it should be to serve Me.

My kinky yoga sessions are held in My private play space in the LES or in a private yoga studio in Midtown. Send Me an e-mail to to start on the path of creating a devotional yoga practice.


Things I love:

-Bramacharya (chastity / orgasm control) Yoga

-Cross Dressing Yoga

-Foot Fetish Yoga

-Public Yoga

-Slave Training Yoga

-Stress Posture Yoga and Forced Fitness

Narcissist / Succubus / Muse

I am a Narcissist. Whether it be inspiring submission from slaves or collaborating on photography projects with talented photographers, the role of Muse comes naturally to Me. I am able to easily get into your head, plant seeds, step back and watch them grow into something devastatingly beautiful. I like having tangible evidence of My devastating effect over others in the form of tears, blood, money or imagery.

In the next few months, I have plans to collaborate with some of my favorite artists, I am sure that you can’t wait to see more.