Everything in Service of My Pleasure: Cucking, Crypto, and Cash with Goddess Aviva Diamond

Goddess Aviva Diamond and I discuss our personal domination styles, the true meaning of service, and the importance of viewing money as power when analyzing power dynamics.

Mistress Danielle Blunt: Hello. My name is Danielle Blunt. I am a pro-domme based in New York City. If you’re following me and watching this on our live, maybe you know that. And I’m here with Goddess Aviva Diamond who has a new Instagram account (laughing). If you aren’t following or you were following, be sure to go give her a follow. But I’d love if you could introduce yourself.

Goddess Aviva Diamond: Hello everyone. My name is Aviva Diamond. My new Instagram is therealavivadiamond, for anyone questioning, is this real or not?

Mistress Danielle Blunt: It is in fact real.

Goddess Aviva Diamond: It is in fact real. I’m a professional and lifestyle dominatrix. I’ve been working in the industry for well over six years, maybe seven. I’ve kind of lost track. And I’ve been a lifestyle domme for longer than that. Let’s see. My domination style has definitely evolved over the years. And it’s always evolving. But lately I’ve been into a lot of humiliation, cuckolding, training. And I always do love when someone has a strong foot fetish because it’s just so easy to control them. So I engage with a lot of foot fetish in my sessions as well. And I also just love the symbolic aspect of having my feet worshipped and
having someone at my feet.

Mistress Danielle Blunt: I would love to start there. Because I feel like it’s something that we both–I feel like we can have a similar style. And I feel like being able to control someone with your feet  is such a powerful thing. And I think it’s like when a foot fetish is coupled with submission, rather than just any foot is replaceable. I feel like that’s a very powerful and romantic dynamic, like the romance of a foot fetish session for me.

Goddess Aviva Diamond: Yeah. We’re both fortunate to be blessed with beautiful feet (laughing). Maybe that’s part of it. Yeah, for me, it’s just the ability, it feels so powerful to control someone and have such an impact on someone just with my feet. That feels really good. And seeing where you can take someone through the power of just your feet is amazing. Seeing the reactions, seeing how someone responds to the smell, the touch, the feel, even to just get down on their knees at your feet and kiss you and seeing the effect that has on them, feels amazing.

Mistress Danielle Blunt: Yeah. And there’s something very obvious about the height differential and very worshipful of kissing the feet as a way of honoring someone. And then there’s the fetish components. And then there is just like when someone falls into that deep subspace of worshiping your feet and being put under by your feet is so hot. And it’s actually reminding me of right before the pandemic, I have a very beloved foot sub and I threw a going away party for him, where there was, I think 14 doms.

Goddess Aviva Diamond: I was there. It was amazing.

Mistress Danielle Blunt: 14 doms there. And we played all of these foot games with him. And at the end–it was like a multi hour session–at the end he had to be blindfolded and guess whose feet were whose and learn 14 guests names. And I’m like, I didn’t even know every guest who was at this party.

Goddess Aviva Diamond: There was an overwhelming number of people there. I was shocked at how this foot sub correctly guessed every single person’s foot, just by feel. He was blindfolded. It was by smell.

Mistress Danielle Blunt: By tongue.

Goddess Aviva Diamond: Yeah, by taste. So using his senses-

Mistress Danielle Blunt: It’s like a sommelier of feet.

Goddess Aviva Diamond: Yeah. Literally, that’s a perfect way of putting it.

Mistress Danielle Blunt: He did do tasting notes, I think (laughing).

Goddess Aviva Diamond: Mm, little earthy, nutty. That was amazing. And just to see his bliss.

Mistress Danielle Blunt: How far under he went.

Goddess Aviva Diamond: Yes, underneath all those amazing feet. When I can get a sub high off of my foot scent, that feels amazing.

Mistress Danielle Blunt: Yeah. And I think something as I’ve refined my practice, I’ve noticed that I’ve used less and less implements and more of my physical body or my presence or language or really just finding that way to get into someone’s head.

Goddess Aviva Diamond: I think that can be the most powerful. Like the pheromones of your scents can be stronger than drugs for some people. And the words that you use, the tone in your voice, the way you’re able to get into someone’s head just through your body and your voice and your movements and all of that. You are the most powerful tool you have to dominate and control someone.

Mistress Danielle Blunt: Yeah. And then I feel it goes into, the other thing that I think of when thinking of really showing someone their place is at my feet. Or watching me fuck someone else which is another thing.

Goddess Aviva Diamond: At your feet or at the foot of the bed.

Mistress Danielle Blunt: At my feet, yeah. You can have my foot (laughing).

Goddess Aviva Diamond: You’re like you’ll beg to kiss my toes. While someone else is enjoying everything.

Mistress Danielle Blunt: That you don’t have access to. So cuckolding is also something that we’re both very into. And I think we have a very different approach to it. So I would love to hear a little bit about what you like about cuckolding. What do you think is hot?

Goddess Aviva Diamond: For me, in all of the cuckolding situations that I’ve created or been in, what it feels like is that it really is all about my pleasure. So I’m at the peak of the pyramid, right? Yeah, and everyone there, there’s obviously like different hierarchies. Like the cuck is at the bottom, but the lover I’m with is higher than the cuck, obviously. But ultimately it is all about my pleasure. So everyone is there kind of in service to my pleasure. Whether you’re the cuck or the bull. It’s about what I want, what my sexual fantasies are, what my pleasure is all about. How many times can I come? How good can I feel? So I like that there’s people there in different roles still in support of my pleasure and my happiness. And then people are able to contribute in different ways. So it just adds to my possible pleasure because you have these different contributions. And I really liked the aspect of a cuck wanting me to be happy and understanding that they fall short in certain areas, that they are inadequate in certain areas. And that they don’t deserve and will never get to experience me in certain ways. Like you will never deserve to taste my pussy. You will never deserve to put your dick in me. That’s not something that you’re ever going to get. But you want me to be happy and you want to be in support of me getting that from someone that I actually want it from. And so just to have someone contributing in the ways that they can, knowing that there are so many ways that they’re not going to be participating.

Mistress Danielle Blunt: Knowing your role. It’s interesting because I feel like, I’ve always had a hard time understanding the cuck and bull because in my brain…I’ve actually had a cuck who has been used as a bull in other domme sessions. Which I have to say made me feel phenomenal (laughing). Just for myself.

Goddess Aviva Diamond: You’re like, “My cuck is your bull.”

Mistress Danielle Blunt: Yeah, that’s sweet (laughing). That’s cute. But it is all relative. It’s like what your dynamic is with this person can shift radically.

Goddess Aviva Diamond: From person to person. You have one dynamic with one person and you have another dynamic with someone else. They have different dynamics with other people.

Mistress Danielle Blunt: Yeah. But the primary relationship that I’m in right now is with a cuck which is really interesting and very fun. I think it will be even more fun after the pandemic because we’ve been quarantining together.

Goddess Aviva Diamond: When you can incorporate some more physical cuckolding into the situation.

Mistress Danielle Blunt: Yeah. But I think for me, when I think of my dream cuckolding situation, it would be cucking her with another submissive. And making her watch me do all of the things that she wants done to her, while she’s in the corner, not allowed to touch herself.

Goddess Aviva Diamond: Yeah. Denial is a big aspect of it for me. Denying the cuck is a big part of what I enjoy about cuckolding. You know that you don’t deserve touching yourself. You don’t deserve to have pleasure. You’re just going to be paying for everything involved with this date, with this lover. And maybe-

Mistress Danielle Blunt: Maybe you get to watch.

Goddess Aviva Diamond: Maybe, maybe not. Maybe you’ll get to hear. Maybe, maybe not. You’ll take whatever scraps I give you and be thankful for it. Wallet open, balls full. That’s how I like my cucks (laughing).

Mistress Danielle Blunt: I love that. And I feel like chastity can play an interesting role too. I’ve always been more into mental chastity. I feel like it all ties in. I feel like we have similar styles. We both don’t like brats. Fuck brats. No offense, if you’re a brat. Not my cup of tea. But I want someone who wants to be good. There’s something about someone who really is eager to please. Also, nothing wrong with brats. Just not for me (laughing).

Goddess Aviva Diamond: Not for me, either.

Mistress Danielle Blunt: Because I’m not into force. I’m like, “You’re either going to do it for me or you’re not.”  Or you’re going to come back to me in two years when you’ve decided you want to do it  regardless of whether I’m going to take it from you or not. But I love the idea of mental chastity where I know that someone is not going to touch themselves just because I tell them not to. And that is more powerful than any like symbolic key or device. Or that a key or a device is just a physical representation of what I know will be the case.

Goddess Aviva Diamond: Yeah. For me, I like chastity for the physical aspect of it. Where teasing someone while they’re in chastity, making it painful.

Mistress Danielle Blunt: That’s fun. As bondage.

Goddess Aviva Diamond: I enjoy causing that pain. And I do also really like having a cuck locked and having that physical reminder. Especially, if we’re out, and let’s say the cuck is at the bar, watching me on a date with someone and maybe getting turned on, maybe feeling very physically uncomfortable but that physical sensation is just a reminder of the control and the power that I have.

Mistress Danielle Blunt: I like piercings for that reason.

Goddess Aviva Diamond: Well, and then you can combine piercings with chastity.

Mistress Danielle Blunt: Lock it on, lock it up. My submissive was just telling Goddess Aviva how she has a list of all of the rules and one is no cumming, ever.

Goddess Aviva Diamond: And the fact that you have that dynamic where it’s like all you have to do is make the rule. You don’t have to enforce it physically. It is enforced mentally.

Mistress Danielle Blunt: I do give her sometimes conflicting rules. She has to keep track, I’m not keeping track of her rules (laughing).  And she’s like, “Wait, am I allowed to, am I not?” And I’m like, “I don’t know. Only one way to find out if you’re bad, if you do it wrong.” Having some psychological elements into the play is really fun.

Goddess Aviva Diamond: The mindfuck is always the most interesting. And you’re a master in mindfucking.

Mistress Danielle Blunt: I do love a good mindfucking. But I’m so excited to do her dream scene in front of her while she’s watching. So romantic. I’m such a romantic, I’m such a softy.

Goddess Aviva Diamond: You’re so nice and generous. To allow her to watch what she would want done to her (laughing). Yeah, I’m excited for more cucks to come into my life. I’m in this new relationship and I’m very excited to incorporate other people into it. Specifically, cucks. Yeah, it’s gonna be really hot (laughing).

Mistress Danielle Blunt: I know, like what a privilege for someone to be invited into that.

Goddess Aviva Diamond: Into the hotness of what my relationship is. Where two very beautiful, amazing people and what we share is so special and the energy that we have between us. Anyone who’s even considered to be included in that in any capacity is so lucky. There’s going to be some generous cucks coming into my life this summer that are going to have their mind blown.

Mistress Danielle Blunt: Yeah. I think a good cuck is so good. Who’s not needy, who you don’t have to, it’s truly not about their desire. Which is what I appreciate so much about my sub is that she gets off on prioritizing someone else’s pleasure. It is not about her orgasm. And the submission doesn’t end if she does get to come. It’s just a reward. Which is no longer allowed (laughing).

Goddess Aviva Diamond: Right, never works for you. That’s the difference between someone who’s fetishizing submission and someone who’s actually submissive. And when you have someone who really can empathetically feel what their domme is feeling and they really do get so much pleasure from your pleasure. There’s a big difference between that and someone who’s just jerking off to the thoughts of cuckolding and doesn’t actually want to submit or is not fully invested in their dom’s pleasure. It’s more about what gets their dick going. And that is not something I’m interested in.

Mistress Danielle Blunt: I know, I feel like the further I’ve gone in my career. I’ve been doing this around 12 years now, if I can do math. I think so. It’s been less and less catering to other people’s desire. And I say on my website, I’m interested where your desires intersect with mine. Because I would like to use your desire as a tool in my arsenal to control you and explore power dynamics. And explore power play. But I am not a fetish provider. There are a lot of really great fetish providers out there. And I’m just not, I’m not interested in what you want (laughing).

Goddess Aviva Diamond: For me, it just depends on the person for sure. And their approach. And it really helps that they have an understanding that like, “Look, I have a fetish around submission. So here’s my specific interests and needs.” But if it’s acknowledged. The worst is when someone comes to you and they’re like, “I’m a submissive”-

Mistress Danielle Blunt: “I want to be owned.”

Goddess Aviva Diamond: “I would love to do long-term service and blah, blah, blah. And these are the things that I enjoy.” And usually the language you can tell because they’re talking about what want or what they enjoy. What they’re looking for. But if they don’t even understand that they’re not actually submissive, they’re just getting off to the idea of it and think that they’re submissive, but are not actually going to submit to you. That’s the biggest turn off.

Mistress Danielle Blunt: I had a session with a submissive who watched one of my previous conversations. Which was about the difference between a service submissive and someone fetishizing submission. And he was so articulate in what he hadn’t been able to articulate to previous dommes who were getting fed up with him for waxing poetic about how much they wanted to serve this person. And then the second that he’d come, just like, “No thanks.” But it’s great when people can ask for what they want and what they need. Cool, now I know that for this period of time. But I find it hard because it’s something that I’m interested in personally, is longer-term D/s dynamics. When people kind of masquerade their fetish as something other than that. And it’s like, just fucking know yourself. Just do the work.

Goddess Aviva Diamond: As long as the boundaries are clear and I’m being paid enough to fill that role, then that works for me.

Mistress Danielle Blunt: I feel like that’s the other thing too, is that people think that submission and service submission or that being someone’s personal submissive means that money isn’t necessarily a part of it. But for me, this is the conversation I have with my femsub all of the time. And I think she actually articulated it really well in our interview that we did about women financial submissives on my blog. But when she started making money, money became part of the power that she had. And what she wanted was to relinquish that power to someone else. So she began playing with money as part of that dynamic. And I think people can get really tripped up about findom or feeling like someone is trying to pull one over on you. But I think it’s, and obviously people have their hard limits, or have had bad experiences in the past. But I always think it’s so interesting for so many people who are interested in intense D/s and power dynamics, how money is always kind of harried in a lot of those instances.

Goddess Aviva Diamond: Yeah. A lot of these people are like, “Oh, I’m into submissive, service submission. And it’s a total power exchange and dah, dah, dah. But no findom.” And I think that a lot of people have some hang ups around it. And part of that, I think, is because there are different approaches where some of the women who are like, “Oh, I’m a findom. I’m going to ruin you financially.”

Mistress Danielle Blunt: “Fuck you, pay me.”

Goddess Aviva Diamond: Yeah like, “Fuck you, pay me.” Clearly, they don’t want to be financially ruined. So they say that findom is a hard limit. But I wish that they could look at money a little differently and see it as a form of power, a very tangible form of power that can so easily be incorporated into service and play and control. And that all you have to do is have the conversation around boundaries and limits regarding that. But I think you’re missing out if you’re not including money as a form of power that you’re playing with.

Mistress Danielle Blunt: Yeah. And I found the interview that I did with my woman finsub on some BDSM financial domination blog. And they’re like, “This sounds like a really thoughtful and respectful relationship, but she seems like she’s young and new to money. And I’m concerned for her well-being.” And she tells me all the time, she’s like, “I save way more money when I’m with you than I did before.” I sent her to a financial counselor. We have a very clear, what she is putting into retirement, which she wasn’t doing before. Now she’s saving up to maybe take care of a parent or something.

Goddess Aviva Diamond: Because you’re having those conversations around finances. Because for you, it’s important to have those boundaries in place so that you can have something sustainable over the long-term. And I’m not trying to rag on anyone who is like, “Fuck you, pay me. I’m going to take what I can get and leave you”-

Mistress Danielle Blunt: Good for you if that’s your thing. Make your money.

Goddess Aviva Diamond: Yeah, exactly. Take the money. However you want. However it works for you. But personally, I definitely want some things that are sustainable and over the long term. And I always encourage subs to tell me, be realistic about what your budget is, what your finances are.

Mistress Danielle Blunt: What’s sustainable for you so that we can keep doing this hot thing.

Goddess Aviva Diamond: Because I want to keep getting your money over the long-term. I don’t want to just use you up real quick and then you can’t engage or serve in these capacities anymore. I have one sub who’s started to serve me in different ways and they were sending me a lot of money through my OnlyFans account. And then towards the end of the month, they were like, “Hey, I actually need to take a break. I haven’t ever sent this much this quickly. And I have these other expenses. I want you to know I wish I could do more. But I have to wait until next month blah, blah, blah.” And I was like, “I super appreciate you telling me this.”

Mistress Danielle Blunt: “And not just disappearing.”

Goddess Aviva Diamond: Yeah, exactly. Just communicate. And we can work with whatever the situation is. I’m very happy to work with people where they’re at and what their budget is and all of that. But I definitely want it to be sustained. So that next month, guess what? You can come back and keep serving me in these ways.

Mistress Danielle Blunt: Someone in the chat says “Money ruins the way it is. It demolishes everything.”

Goddess Aviva Diamond: I disagree completely.

Mistress Danielle Blunt: I think we live in a capitalist society. Where money and capital have so much power. Sure, if you don’t want to play with it, don’t play with it.

Goddess Aviva Diamond: To say money ruins everything, it sounds like you honestly have some hangups.

Mistress Danielle Blunt: Free loaders.

Goddess Aviva Diamond: And stories around money that maybe you want to examine. And maybe you want to even work with someone on addressing and even getting to understand what your ideas and stories are about money. Because people come from all different kinds of backgrounds. They have all different kinds of stories about money. And if you think that money ruins things, then you’re going to find the evidence for that. But I love money. And I think it’s a fun tool to play with power dynamics. And I think it’s a really tangible, easy and accessible way for someone to actually serve someone else. In this world, we need money. And if you care about me and you actually want me to be happy-

Mistress Danielle Blunt: To serve.

Goddess Aviva Diamond: Then you should be invested in my financial wellbeing. Because the stress of not being financially well is a lot.

Mistress Danielle Blunt: I feel like it opens up so much space. If someone’s paying my rent, I’m like, “Cool, I have all this more brain space to think about perverted things and be my pervy, artsy self. And focus on my pleasure.” And I think to not have that be part of a D/s dynamic. I feel like it also invalidates sex worker labor and the intimacy that happens when holding space. We get so many fucking inquiries from people who want to be a lifestyle submissive, but want to be owned. “I want to live with you.” People in the chat right now asking me, “ It means that you’re not. If you’re working, you’re not dominating him.”

Goddess Aviva Diamond: Oh okay, again, disagree completely. Clearly you have so much experience dominating [submissives] and taking money from them. But that’s the thing. People are going to have their ridiculous ideas about it. And those kinds of subs who are like, “Money ruins everything. Treating me transactional and it’s not real.”

Mistress Danielle Blunt: Have fun finding this caliber in your personal life.

Goddess Aviva Diamond: “If you’re working, then it’s not real.” Honestly the dynamics I have with subs who actually give me the most money and pay for the most things, I have so much more of a genuine, authentic connection with them. Because I feel that they truly do care about my wellbeing and my happiness.

Mistress Danielle Blunt: And it frees up the space.

Goddess Aviva Diamond: Yeah. It means that if I didn’t have to worry about these other things, I don’t have to worry about my bills. I don’t have to worry about hustling and dah, dah, dah, dah. I’m more relaxed. I’m more at ease. I’m more comfortable. I’m able to better show up as a domme.

Mistress Danielle Blunt: Take care of yourself. Yeah, and I think that there’s something there that people think that money invalidates authenticity or intimacy.

Goddess Aviva Diamond: Right. Because it’s transactional, it’s somehow not real.

Mistress Danielle Blunt: It’s also like, what is intimacy? And what is authenticity in the first place? We’re all performing in some aspects of our life. And what it does for me is it literally holds the space for me to be super present in a way that I’m not always able to in personal life, anyways. Someone wants a five-hour session, it would be very unlikely that that would be something I would do with a personal partner.

Goddess Aviva Diamond: Yeah, it’s a lot of time and energy.

Mistress Danielle Blunt: To take the space. To hold that space.

Goddess Aviva Diamond: But I’m happy to do that when it’s this fair exchange. I know that-

Mistress Danielle Blunt: And it feels great and it’s exciting because I wouldn’t necessarily do that intense of a scene if I wasn’t getting paid.

Goddess Aviva Diamond: Yeah. And my best sub relationships and the ones that involve the most emotion and care and compassion and connection for both of us are the ones in which they’re taking care of me financially. As well as all these other aspects, all these other ways.

Mistress Danielle Blunt: Yeah. And I feel like to play with money doesn’t have to mean that you’re into financial domination. It can mean you’re into power play.

Goddess Aviva Diamond: It can mean that you’re just into serving someone in a very clear and obvious way. So obvious. Like if you want to help someone, if you want to serve someone, if you want to make someone happy, give them money. It’s so obvious.

Mistress Danielle Blunt: Yeah. And it’s fucking hot. I have people who I play with money with where it’s a hot, erotic component. And then I also have submissives who love to care and support me and know that in order for me to be comfortable, safe, insecure, that supporting me financially is an important part of ensuring that. And they enjoy that even though they don’t find the exchange erotic and I’m not controlling their finances.

Goddess Aviva Diamond: And you’re not necessarily having all of this control over how they spend and whatnot. But they do still understand the power and importance of contributing to your financial wellbeing. If you’re not contributing to my financial wellbeing, that’s a sign to me that you actually don’t care. And I’m just a placeholder for whatever little fantasy provider you want to see. Like, I could be anyone.

Mistress Danielle Blunt: Yeah. I think that’s something I dislike. And on my website, it’s very much like, “Why do you want to see me? Me, specifically? I want to know what it is about me that you want to serve? Or has gotten under your skin, into your head, that you’ve been thinking about?” I’ve actually never really seen the hobbyists who go to see everyone. And I’m not totally sure why that’s the case, but I’m fine with it.

Goddess Aviva Diamond: And I think too, a lot of these guys who are like, “Oh, I’m not into findom.” They’re actually just using that as an excuse to not pay for services. Because there’s a big difference between dominating someone’s finances, financially dominating someone, and just paying for the services that you are wanting.

Mistress Danielle Blunt: There’s that conflation. “I’m not into findom.” Meaning, “I won’t pay you to hold this price for the session.”

Goddess Aviva Diamond: “I’m not going to pay for session or pay for content.” You’re just trying to be like, “Oh, I’m not into findom,” because you are probably broke and don’t want to pay for the things that you want. But guess what?

Mistress Danielle Blunt: Because you want to be served. You want it free.

Goddess Aviva Diamond: But yeah, everyone has to pay. It’s just sorry, not sorry.

Mistress Danielle Blunt: We were also talking about like wealthy crypto cuck whales.

Goddess Aviva Diamond: Getting off on the crypto talk lately. And I was just thinking about how many millionaires are being made right now in the crypto world and how many of those young new money millionaires-

Mistress Danielle Blunt: Are little bitches.

Goddess Aviva Diamond: Would benefit so much from serving me. And would benefit so much from having a dominant woman in their life to make things spicy and fun.

Mistress Danielle Blunt: And tell them what to do with their money better than they know how.

Goddess Aviva Diamond: I’m so good at spending your money. So any of you crypto whales out there who want to have a little fun, you know who to contact.

Mistress Danielle Blunt: Can have a little crypto three-way.

Goddess Aviva Diamond: Seriously. Send me your Ethereum. I will happily take it. But yeah, I would love to connect with some crypto millionaires this summer and rock their world.

Mistress Danielle Blunt: Someone says, “Would you consider being in a 24/7 D/s private relationship in the sense that it’s not work and paid?” I am in and have been in 24/7 D/s dynamics. And my partner will always financially support me. Since I was very young. When I was three, I was like, “When I grow up, I want to be a trophy wife.” Why would I want to work? Like, it never occurred to me.

Goddess Aviva Diamond: That someone one who cares about you would not be contributing financially. Supporting in every sense of the word. And if your support doesn’t include financial support then you’re completely missing the point. So yeah, not just would you consider it but living it already.

Mistress Danielle Blunt: “Cuckold submissives, what do you think about it?” Tune in to the beginning of this, where we talk about our love of cucks and cuckolding people.

Goddess Aviva Diamond: It’s so fun with those dynamics. I just had a trip to LA that was paid for by a cuck. And a couples massage coming up that’s paid for by a cuck.

Mistress Danielle Blunt: Cuck funded life is the way to be. And it’s about the energy exchange. I was talking about this with you last night. About the difference between having a partner who would clean for me or help me out with some things on my website and the difference between having a service oriented person do that, where it becomes erotically charged and it’s carried through the dynamic, is so different. It does necessitate that both people, I’m just not interested in force.

Goddess Aviva Diamond: Force anything. My domination style. I don’t need to force you to do anything. I’m not interested in that.

Mistress Danielle Blunt: I will convince you by just my presence.

Goddess Aviva Diamond: I want you to do these things because you truly enjoy it on some level. For me, that energetic exchange of D/s and BDSM dynamics is such that when the other person is enjoying it on some level, I enjoy it so much more. Which is why I don’t enjoy forcing things. I don’t want to feel like I have to force you into doing these things for me. I want to know that you truly enjoy it and are getting something out of it. Because then it’s a win-win. And I’m all about the win-win situation.

Mistress Danielle Blunt: Someone asked the question, “Does financial support go both ways? Are you also willing to support your significant other financially?” I’m fucking generous. I am generous with all of the people in my life. I enjoy financial security and tend to date people who make more money than me. So that’s not something that’s come up.

Goddess Aviva Diamond: Yeah, I would say that like also the more that I become financially secure, the more comfortable I am being generous with the people in my life. If there are specific D/s dynamics and specific financial dynamics between me and a person, I’m not going to switch those roles just because. It’s really dependent on the specific relationship that I have with someone.

Mistress Danielle Blunt: It’s very, very dependent. I feel like when you are invested with someone in a personal dynamic, finances can change and shift and things can come up.

Goddess Aviva Diamond: You’re not going to be like, I don’t know. I’m sure there are situations where it’s like things might shift and change.

Mistress Danielle Blunt: If someone gets sick or something.

Goddess Aviva Diamond: There’s no reason why you would with your particular partner right now, why you would shift into completely different dynamic and you start paying for things.

Mistress Danielle Blunt: Although that sounds hilarious. I would love to try and pay the bills. My sub would freak out! I got this, you little bitch.

Goddess Aviva Diamond: Yeah, I’m paying tonight. She’d be like, “Oh, no.” (laughing)

Goddess Aviva Diamond: So there’s some long questions, huh?

Mistress Danielle Blunt: Someone’s asking about bringing their girlfriend to a session to help introduce them to kink.

Goddess Aviva Diamond: I’ve done that before. I’ve definitely worked with couples.

Mistress Danielle Blunt: She would have to be the one to want to though. We were talking about this last night too. In the hot tub. Very fun. But I don’t want to do a session with someone who doesn’t want to. Both of us don’t have, force isn’t part of our style. Submission is what I’m interested in. So even if you’re trying to get your girlfriend to dominate you or something like that, I don’t want to do that if she’s not interested in it.

Goddess Aviva Diamond: I’ve had quite a few couples sessions and typically I really enjoy them but that’s only if both people are excited to be there.

Mistress Danielle Blunt: And usually that she’s more excited. She’s the driving force.

Goddess Aviva Diamond: Yeah, when it’s more about what the woman wants, her desires, what she wants to learn. I really enjoy a couple sessions where it’s about empowering her to experience these new things. That feels really great. And I do enjoy helping to facilitate connection between two people who are in love and know how to communicate with each other. That’s really amazing. But if one person is reluctantly there, that’s not interesting to me at all.

Mistress Danielle Blunt: It’s so awkward. And I feel like if that partner is reluctant but interested, book a consulting session where you just talk about what some of the concerns are, what’s coming up, what you are interested in,  what you’re not, what you’re scared about, where your partner’s not there. So you don’t have to-

Goddess Aviva Diamond: Please don’t try to force your partner into doing things to you that they don’t want to do.

Mistress Danielle Blunt: Like going to see a sex worker. The sex worker will not be happy if your partner is not happy to be in here.

Goddess Aviva Diamond: Yeah. And then for me, it’s especially, I like it more when it’s centered around what the woman wants, if there is a woman involved. Yeah, I think it can be a lot of fun if everyone there is willing and excited to be there.

Mistress Danielle Blunt: Anything else that you’ve been thinking about or excited for?

Goddess Aviva Diamond: Well, in addition to connecting with some generous crypto cucks this summer I also have been fantasizing very recently about having a hot, smart femsub that I can control and can bring into my relationship and use as a sex object with my partner (laughing).

Mistress Danielle Blunt: That sounds so hot. I feel like you’re going to be bombarded.

Goddess Aviva Diamond: You’re like a hot femsub and want to serve a wonderful woman and serve a couple as well then-

Mistress Danielle Blunt: What a fucking opportunity.

Goddess Aviva Diamond: Bonus points if you can manage my social media accounts for me. Make yourself useful in all these ways.

Mistress Danielle Blunt: I need a chef and chauffeur sub.

Goddess Aviva Diamond: Definitely.

Mistress Danielle Blunt: A consistent one. I definitely have people who do that service for me but have other obligations that prevent them from doing it consistently in the way that I would like.

Goddess Aviva Diamond: I just feel excited in general. Being vaccinated and more people being vaccinated and everyone feeling a little more comfortable with these interactions. It is on this summer. Like we are ready. I’m ready to spit in people’s mouths.

Mistress Danielle Blunt: Mean Girl summer.

Goddess Aviva Diamond: Yeah, we’re ready. Mean Girlssummer. Bring your Ethereum and your Bitcoins and kiss my feet.

Mistress Danielle Blunt: I’ve been getting straight up gold in the mail (laughing).

Goddess Aviva Diamond: And so many forms of this power and energy that people can bring to the table. You can bring cash. You can bring up Ethereum. You can bring gold coins.

Mistress Danielle Blunt: And I feel like there’s so many ways to serve. I feel very blessed in having some really unique service that’s been given to me. From having submissives, babysit my friends so that I can go out with them. Babysit my friends’ kids (laughing).

Goddess Aviva Diamond: Or babysit your friend (laughing).

Mistress Danielle Blunt: Babysit my friends’ kids so that I would be able to go out with them. Because not having access to a babysitter was preventing seeing some of my friends.

Goddess Aviva Diamond: And that’s the thing. These acts-

Mistress Danielle Blunt: Have nothing to do with her pleasure.

Goddess Aviva Diamond: Truly make your life easier.

Mistress Danielle Blunt: It had nothing to do with-

Goddess Aviva Diamond: Yeah, nothing to do with what they’re getting off on.

Mistress Danielle Blunt: Other than serving me.

Goddess Aviva Diamond: If you get off on making someone’s life easier, that’s the kind of stuff that I want. And thinking about that, if you are truly into service and submission and improving the quality of your dom’s life, why wouldn’t you contribute financially within your means? Why wouldn’t you include that aspect that is such an important part of supporting and making someone’s life easier? What are they saying?

Mistress Danielle Blunt: I don’t know.

Goddess Aviva Diamond: Do your own research.

Mistress Danielle Blunt: Yeah, Google (laughing). Let’s see, anything else. I’m trying to think of what I want to manifest. I really want a financial submissive who enjoys taking me shopping. I love controlling people’s finances. And I love creating budgets for people and having a really hands-on approach. But something that I don’t have a ton of experience with is someone who has style taking me shopping and enjoying helping me pick out outfits and making suggestions.

Goddess Aviva Diamond: The fun of just going out and shopping with someone.

Mistress Danielle Blunt: It’s like, “Yes, just give me your credit card.” Sure. That’s something I have. And also welcome to do more of.

Goddess Aviva Diamond: I had a shopping experience recently with one of my favorite Boston subs and they were the best shopping buddy ever. Because they had all this input. They’ve known me for years. They know my style. They were like, “Oh, I think you might like this. “I think you might like that.” And making good suggestions and just having fun. And of course paying for everything. So it was a win-win-win. And at the end of the day, we were both like, “Wow, this was the highlight of my week.” Was going out shopping together. And it was just so fun.

Mistress Danielle Blunt: I don’t even like shopping.

Goddess Aviva Diamond: Yeah, but when you have someone who’s like, “Oh, look at this brand” or “I think you might like this fragrance.” It’s like having a personal shopper but then they’re paying for everything too. And that’s the best.

Mistress Danielle Blunt: The dream.

Goddess Aviva Diamond: And also I like going out shopping like that with someone because I end up getting things that I wouldn’t normally buy for myself.

Mistress Danielle Blunt: Yeah. I think that’s the big difference for me is like, if someone’s paycheck is just going automatically into my account, I’m not going to buy those luxury items. That’s going straight into my fucking savings.

Goddess Aviva Diamond: I would rather save. I would rather save my money. I’m not going to spend $600 of my own money on perfume. But if we’re out shopping-

Mistress Danielle Blunt: And you’re paying for it.

Goddess Aviva Diamond: Then I’m going to buy this $600 perfume and feel amazing about it. And so then I get to experience these things and have these wonderful objects that I wouldn’t normally get for myself.

Mistress Danielle Blunt: I think I can get more specific about my fantasy. Because it is a wealthy slut who is into feminization. I have been having so much fun with feminization sessions. I’m getting so into them. I had one the other day where they had this beautiful silicone breast that they were wearing. And titty fucking both of us at the same time. And I was like, “I did not know this was a thing that I could do!”

Goddess Aviva Diamond: That you would be so into.

Mistress Danielle Blunt: But like having someone like that who has style and is interested in fashion and wants to take us both out and buy matching outfits and go out to dinner and with a little lingerie underneath. And go back to the hotel room after and just have a fucking wild time.

Goddess Aviva Diamond: Girls just wanna have fun.

Mistress Danielle Blunt: Yeah and dancing and dressing up and doing your makeup. It’s just so fun.

Goddess Aviva Diamond: It’s fun, lighthearted.

Mistress Danielle Blunt: So sexy too.

Goddess Aviva Diamond: My favorite feminization sessions definitely involve fun, upbeat music or dancing or trying on different outfits and doing your makeup. There’s usually not aspects of humiliation involved in it. And it’s really more about like celebrating womanhood. And celebrating being fun and girly and just playing.

Mistress Danielle Blunt: It’s so, so playful and so fun.

Goddess Aviva Diamond: And also highly eroticized. I’m like, “Yeah, I like titties. Yeah, I like putting these tits on.”

Mistress Danielle Blunt: You were talking about the… I haven’t seen them, I want them. Manifesting those.

Goddess Aviva Diamond: Someone that I do these feminization scenes with has these silicone shorts with a pussy physically in it. And it’s a perfect skin match. And it feels a certain way. And there’s a little juicy booty aspect to it. And it’s just like, oh my god. It’s so fun to play with that. It’s one of my favorites and it looks so realistic and it feels so realistic. And you’re like, “Yes, like you are my girlfriend now.” And like, “I’m going to have fun rubbing up on you. And making you put on different panties and different dresses. And go commando under the dresses. And easy access and all of these things.” Just fun.

Mistress Danielle Blunt: I feel like it’s also just so sexy seeing people into something they’re so into, have that experience.

Goddess Aviva Diamond: It is cathartic. By the end of every session, they’re always like, “Oh my God, thank you so much. I feel so relaxed.” Just having the space to really let go and explore these kinds of gender dynamics, I think is so important for mental health.

Mistress Danielle Blunt: Yeah. And especially when playing with gender, I feel like more and more clients who play with gender with me have been coming out as trans and non-binary. And being able to just have this container of a space to do that.

Goddess Aviva Diamond: And to be celebrated.

Mistress Danielle Blunt: To be called good girl while you’re fucking. Just seeing people like melt into being seen and perceived in the way that they want you and need to.

Goddess Aviva Diamond: Because there’s just so much from living in a society where you have to fit into a very small box in order to be accepted by your friends, your workplace, your family. And it’s a stress mentally to have to force yourself into these boxes. When sometimes you want to be out here or over here. And so having that space to just explore different things and have it be not only okay, but like celebrated and fun.

Mistress Danielle Blunt: Yeah. I definitely did a very hot cross dressing session, with someone gender exploration session. And I actually made them see what I was because I was like, “You cannot say that people are not into this “because it’s working for me.”

Goddess Aviva Diamond: And then I like to explore and play with gender as well. I like to be called daddy. Put a strap on and feel more masculine. Put my boots on and all of that. So I think it’s important to just not take it so seriously. Let’s just play.

Mistress Danielle Blunt: I also like sluts with style. I don’t want to put you in cheap lingerie. I don’t want to wear cheap lingerie.

Goddess Aviva Diamond: Unless I’m ripping it open.

Mistress Danielle Blunt: Okay, for practical reasons, sure.

Goddess Aviva Diamond: I’m not going to rip your $400 panties off.

Mistress Danielle Blunt: I want to see you in fucking silk and real french lace. And I want to match you and show you how fucking good you look.

Goddess Aviva Diamond: And how good it feels too. Like nice material.

Mistress Danielle Blunt: Yeah, because for me, so much of fetish attire isn’t about necessarily what it looks like but what it feels like. And having soft goatskin boots and gloves. And a silk gusset on the panties. Or cashmere joggers. It’s such a sensuous experience getting to explore these textures and these fabrics. And mommy will help you explore it all.

Goddess Aviva Diamond: So yes. More generous crypto cucks who have an affinity for silk panties.

Mistress Danielle Blunt: Yes, in summary, we want… findom Gods, please bless us some generous crypto subs who look good in silk panties. Well I think that’s it. Where can people find you? This is Aviva’s new Instagram. So if you’re watching this, go give her a follow. But where else can people find you?

Goddess Aviva Diamond: I’m on Twitter @Aviva_Diamond. My website is goddessaviva.com. Aviva is spelled A-V-I-V-A And you can see my fan site, avivafan.club.

Mistress Danielle Blunt: Awesome. And I am Mistress Blunt. And can be found at mistressblunt.com. If you go to bluntlinks.com, all of my links are there. And I am so far @MistressBlunt on social media, besides TikTok because I have no idea what my handle is. But I’m sure you could find me if you tried.

Goddess Aviva Diamond: I just joined TikTok. Aviva_Diamond there as well.

Mistress Danielle Blunt: And your Instagram…

Goddess Aviva Diamond: And my Instagram is therealavivadiamond.

Mistress Danielle Blunt: Not a fake Aviva Diamond.

Goddess Aviva Diamond: Yeah, the real one. It’s me. It’s actually me this time.

Mistress Danielle Blunt: Amazing. Well, I’m also looking forward to double sessions with you again. I feel like we used to do a lot more double sessions before the pandemic.

Goddess Aviva Diamond: If anyone wants some panty wearing… We’ll do your makeup so nice.

Mistress Danielle Blunt: Also, femdom feminization sleepover.

Goddess Aviva Diamond: Yes, absolutely. We’ll do face masks. We’ll do nails. We’ll do hair. Maybe double team you until you know how to walk properly.

Mistress Danielle Blunt: Show you how to walk in heels. Spit roast you. Awesome. Well, there’s so much more we can talk about. But definitely be sure to follow us.

Goddess Aviva Diamond: And reach out if you fit into the categories we were talking about.

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