Photo Shoot with Lauren Renner.

Lauren Renner is an old friend of mine from when I was studying photography in University. These photos are from our most recent photo date. I suggested that Lauren use ice to keep my nipples rock hard for the shoot. She suggested that she lick them. She always was a smart photographer, and a very, very good friend.

Shoe Shopping and Chocolate Eating with Miss Couple


Miss Couple tells Me she is in the city and invites Me to brunch. Her presence in the city is a rare and her time is a coveted thing. I do not get to see My sister nearly enough, and when I do it is usually feral romps in the wilderness or late night sleepovers.

She sends Me an address for a cafe that she wants to meet in and assures Me that they have coffee AND champagne. I enter the building and go up the escalator and am enveloped in a sea of shoes. I should have known that if Miss Couple was inviting me somewhere, that shoe shopping would be involved. After 20 minutes off getting lost in a sea of distractions, and falling passionately in love with a pair of black leather Frye Boots, I find the restaurant, and My sister, Miss Couple. We share sea salted caramel chocolates and catch up. When our plate is empty, it is time to try on shoes.

Miss Couple will be in town every other Thursday for the next few months. I wonder which slave will be lucky enough to take us on our next shopping excursion… It is only a few blocks away from our favorite dungeon…

Artistic Mark Making Scans from the November 17th Party.

I have been making portraits using scanners for the last four years. Whether it be the marks of a bull whipping that look like the ‘delicate grass’ from a Monet painting, or big, tender bruises reminiscent of an abstract expressionist painting, I am interested in the landscape that BDSM play leaves behind on the body. The scanner captures detail down to the pore of everything that comes into contact with the glass, the act of scanning becomes a part of the play and a dance. I love to incorporate artistic documentation (whether with a scanner, a camera or a stenographer!) into my play.

These are the images that were taken at Miss Couple and my Kinky Tango and Artistic Mark Making Party.

Blunt and Couple Present: Kinky Tango and Artistic Mark Making.

Philosopher and writer George Satayana said, “Love is a physical drive with an ideal intent.”  It is in that spirit that we have embarked to create a new kind of play party here in New York.  While we enjoy the raucous bar night / play party just as much as the rest of you, we are looking to build something else here; something more intentional and intimate…Blunt and Couple Present is a monthly get together of like-minded people who are excited about exploring their sexualities on an artistic, physical and spiritual level.  By starting off the night with a merging of creative and sensual foreplay, we intend to create an environment more suited towards the spirit of our event.
Sunday, November 17, 2013.
Private Play Space in Green Point Brooklyn.
6:30 PM – 12:00 AM
$25 at the door / $20 if you contribute to the potluck.RSVP to
Subject: November 17th Party
Must include your fetlife name. Address will be provided after RSVP is received.
6:30 Doors open, chat and potluck.
7:30 Dance Class with Miss Couple. (Partners not necessary)
8:30 Mark Making with Mistress Blunt.
9:30 Play Party Begins.
12:00 Celebratory Toast.
We ask that everyone bring a healthy appetizer dish or favorite libation for the potluck / social.Following the potluck, Miss Couple will be teaching a very special, very kinky tango class! Complete with bondage (It takes two to tangle!), spanking, and all sorts of other play. You are encouraged to bring any favorite toys (especially insertables) to the class!Following the class, there will be a demonstration of how to work dance concepts into a scene. Taking the sensuality garnered from the tango, we will work together to integrate this headspace into our play, as we engage in a conversation on how to create artistic and intentional marks with implements and ropes.

Mistress Blunt will artistically document said marks, using her scanner, throughout the course of the party.
*There are two special places reserved for individuals who wish to serve on a more personal and intimate level at the party for an additional tribute. This is a great opportunity if you have been working up the courage to session with us. This is a possibility for any party in general. Interested parties may contact me.