What Will a Foot Fetishist Do for Feet: A Conversation with Sir Malice Christian

Sir Malice Christian and I sat down to discuss rope bunnies, boot fetishes, and all things feet.

Mistress Danielle Blunt: Hello, my name is Mistress Blunt and I am here today with Sir Malice Christian. Would you introduce yourself?

Sir Malice Christian: Hello, I’m Sir Malice Christian. Originally born in Long Island. I am currently living in New York city now. Ex Marine USMC, 1141 generator operator, generator mechanic. What else can I say? I’m a Pro Dom in New York City. And hello everybody?

Mistress Danielle Blunt: I’m so excited to chat with you. I am such a fan of the content that you make. My confession is that I largely watch male Leather Daddy porn as my go-to. And just the aesthetic that you have in so much of your content is just *chef’s kiss* it’s so good. And so I’m just super excited to chat with you a little bit about your work as a maledom. Because most of my friends are femdoms. I know we’ve talked a little bit about community in those spaces. So I was wondering if you would talk a little bit about what it’s like being a maledom in the city.

Sir Malice Christian: Like you said, it’s predominantly femmedoms, I believe from my experience in New York city. So I came into this with those same inspirations of ’70s, 80 porn stars and Tom of Finland images and stuff like that. So I came into this only with those sort of things. I didn’t come into this having a mentor, but just chatting amongst maledoms and femaledoms in New York city, I realized that mentoring is a good thing and I see a lot of positive things that come from having a mentor and how well you learn to create your own space. But unfortunately I didn’t come into this with that privilege, not privilege.

Mistress Danielle Blunt: It can be a privilege in the community in that way.

Sir Malice Christian: With that gift, right? I didn’t come into this with that gift. So I had to create it myself, which was fun. It’s a little nerve wracking but it’s fun. But I also am surrounded by people like you and Charlene and some other people who’ve reached out to me that I communicate with back and forth. I feel open to ask questions from these people. And I think they are very good at what they do. They’re top tier what they do. So it’s pretty cool. I love the community.

Mistress Danielle Blunt: Yeah. I feel the same way. And I feel like something that I admire about you and your work is that you’re always learning. And we were just talking about this just a second ago, but you were talking about your rope bunny and I feel like part of being a good dom is always learning and never feeling you’re done learning. There’s never a point where it’s like, “I know everything I need to know.” Because, you can always learn more.

Mistress Danielle Blunt: You can always finesse your craft a little bit better and sure I might be like, Oh, I’m not really into… I might learn about myself like, “Oh, you know what? I’m not really interested in XYZ.” So I’m not going to put my energy there, but I really want to get better at this. And I’ve been seeing a lot of your bondage photos and videos that you’ve been doing and I’m really into them. So I’m curious if you could talk a little bit about what it’s been refining your rope bondage in Shibari craft.

Sir Malice Christian: It’s been a journey, it’s been pretty cool. So back when I was in high school, I was surfing the computer for… I don’t know what I was looking for but I’ll just end up in the fashion section. And I saw this spring summer collection that someone did of macrame. And I was like, “I would love to do something like that.” I could just get lost in it. And it’s just a puzzle and I could just totally totally get lost in it. Over the years, my artistic expression has manifested different things. Sometimes Woodcraft, sometimes drawing. I used to be really good at drawing, but then after the military I didn’t have the patience to sit down and draw anymore but it’s manifested out in through bondage but then it has its duality because it’s the sexual pleasure. And it’s also an artistic pleasure.

Mistress Danielle Blunt: I love finding that space where they intersect.

Sir Malice Christian: Yes. The hybrid.

Mistress Danielle Blunt: Yes.

Sir Malice Christian: So I have a little bit of both and then I like bringing that to my fan sites or to Instagram. Instagram just started out with me just being in representation honestly. Because I didn’t see too many men of color in New York city doing BDSM, but I knew that I was interested in it through different experiences through sex work.

Mistress Danielle Blunt: Yeah. It’s funny you say macrame was you’re into bondage because I definitely think of mine as making friendship bracelets.

Sir Malice Christian: Okay. Yeah, Veniard too.

Mistress Danielle Blunt: Yeah Veniard. I was like fuck Yeah. I can do a little bit of this. This is not traditional Shibari, but this is what my background is in it.

Sir Malice Christian: But I didn’t know what I was doing at the time and I was so hooked to it. My English teacher, Mr. Hid would come by and I’m over here trying to stitch this thing to my book bag. So I had a bunch of these things hanging from my book bag. And he’s like, “This is what you’re doing over here?” And then he went to go snatch the lanyard and he’s just pulling string after string after string. The class started laughing so I got put out for that. And then he was like, “if you come back to my class, you can’t be doing this.” I was like, “All right, I’ll put it away.”

Mistress Danielle Blunt: And here it is, part of your career.

Sir Malice Christian: Yeah Honestly.

Mistress Danielle Blunt: That’s so fun. And so you also have a Rope Bunny that you practice and tie and suspend and these really beautiful ways.

Sir Malice Christian: Yeah. Rope Bunny is pretty special. I actually met him on a dating app and because I’m pretty honest with who I am on the dating apps. So if you’re going to come to me, they’re going to get this experience. And then I can better myself and get more experience by doing it this way. So they came to me and then I suspended him for his first time. A week before that I had my first suspension experience, suspended somebody two times, I had to do it two times before I knew what I was doing.

Sir Malice Christian: My teacher Bob, Men in Rope on Instagram, he’s in New Jersey and he gave us a private session, me and my other friend who is into bondage. He gave us a private session and then I suspended him and then I suspended the Bunny a week later. It was my first suspension on my own without someone watching. And it was his first suspension period. So it was really good.

Mistress Danielle Blunt: That’s so exciting. It’s like magic. It’s like you’re making somebody fly for you. How did that feel to be able to do that safely on your own?

Sir Malice Christian: It was satisfying, honestly, it was really satisfying, but then all I could think about was how do I get my lines clean? I want lines to look like that guy’s over there. You keep on refining it and making things more suitable to how you want to see your work.

Mistress Danielle Blunt: Yeah. And I definitely think of rope bondage as an art and being able to perfect the lines and making it nice and clean and doing your own thing with it is such a beautiful artistic practice. You’re learning from masters of a craft and then you’re able to put your own spin on it so that it becomes yours. It’s something that I think I really respect about rope artists, with their Shibari work is really amazing.

Mistress Danielle Blunt: I’ve always been into more decorative bondage and body harnesses because I grew up in a leather household where the submissives were supposed to be doing work and I love service submission. So having someone in a body harness for me was a really hot way where they’re still able to use their hands. So comes from a selfish place for me that I like my submissives to be useful, but I definitely want to continue to learn more about bondage. I think for me it’s also somewhat like, “You’re going to stay still because I tell you to stay still.”

Sir Malice Christian: That’s how it started for me.

Mistress Danielle Blunt: Yeah. I think bondage can add to that. But I personally prefer to play with people who will stay still, regardless of whether or not they are tied.

Sir Malice Christian: Well, I don’t want to have to exert all this extra energy.

Mistress Danielle Blunt: Yeah. I’m like, “No, just do what I say and we’ll be good.”

Sir Malice Christian: Right. We’re trying to keep this safe, sane and consensual.

Mistress Danielle Blunt: Yeah. That’s so fun and it’s so fun to be able to have someone to continue to explore that with.

Sir Malice Christian: Yeah. So that’s where me and Bunny are right now, we’re exploring. So now we’re refining, the protocols and the rituals. We’ll try to come up with the perfect ritual that feels natural for us, that he does before to get him into the rope head space. Something that I like that shows some sort of communication between us, unspoken communication, because we got a lot of it. We just got to find what works for us to display. So yeah, that’s where we are right now.

Mistress Danielle Blunt: That’s awesome. It’s learning how to tie someone up as a Dom is a skill, but being a good rope bottom is also a skill that you can learn a lot about and being able to communicate your boundaries and where you’re at and knowing what’s sustainable for you. And also knowing who to play with.

Sir Malice Christian: Yes. I tip my hat to my rope bunny because he really likes… sometimes I can be practicing and I’ll put him in a bad predicament, but we always do these check-ins, our check-ins are pretty much, I ask him, “Are you okay?” The safe word is red. I use the basics for right now. The safe word is red. Then you have yellow to slow down and then you’ve got green if I asked if you’re okay and you don’t really want to be verbal, just be like green, right? And then if he’s uncomfortable, then I ask him, “Where’s the pressure at? Where’s the most pressure?” And he tells me where the most pressure is. This also tells me how I can modify it to be more sustainable for him in the next go round. So this is how it develops. And it’s just like fine tuning little things over and over again.

Mistress Danielle Blunt: Yeah. That communication is so helpful.

Sir Malice Christian: And then I ask him, if he tells me that it’s pretty excruciating, that there’s some sort of pressure. Then I ask on a one to 10. He’ll tell me three and then I’m like, “Are you being honest with me? Are you just trying to push through it? Because I need to know if you’re just trying to push through it. You need to-“

Mistress Danielle Blunt: That’s such a hard part of it. Especially with more submissive oriented bottoms. If your arm goes numb, I need to know-

Sir Malice Christian: No, right? I don’t want you to go-

Mistress Danielle Blunt: Just because you’re hot and you’re in a hot scene and you’re just waiting. You’re like, “No, no, it’s okay. I really want to finish.” That puts me in a shitty position of potentially causing nerve damage. So yeah, having that type of communication I think is really important. I found it really important to be able to change and adapt the rope. So the scene doesn’t necessarily need to end if something like the pressure is wrong or in an uncomfortable spot which also helps the submissive articulate what’s going on for them. If they know that they want to continue and that it won’t mean, “Okay, everything has to stop and change, necessarily.”

Sir Malice Christian: Right. I liked making the content because it helps me to compare these things as a scene, as I’m putting on a show. At a show you always have your first, second and third choices. So if this doesn’t work and I can’t get you up high, then maybe I could get you low and then work you up higher. Maybe not as high as I wanted to, but a little bit higher. But then that’s also helping me to have diversity with my play. I’m starting to get into more floor work as opposed to… I do a lot of suspensions. I’m just so turned on by suspensions and inversions and stuff like that, I’m just really so turned on. In the movie when the person is packed up, tied up like a piece of meat upside down, hanging from a hook and they’re just got him on the rotating thing. I’m just like, “Yes, this is a good movie. This is a good movie.” If they’re upside down like a piece of meat, this is a good movie.

Mistress Danielle Blunt: Yeah. Just like a hook right through them. I love that.

Sir Malice Christian: Yeah, so I’m just working on more diversity and playing with more things.

Mistress Danielle Blunt: That’s awesome.

Sir Malice Christian: Show more poses with my bunny and my work and stuff like that. Having more variety, getting things cleaner, fine tuning.

Mistress Danielle Blunt: Yeah. It’s nice to be able to have someone to continue that. It’s both your relationship and then also your relationship with rope and bondage. Another thing that I’m a huge fan of yours for is how much it seems you love foot fetish. I feel like I see people like Sex Workers and Doms and Dominatrixes talking about foot fetish, but it’s rare that I see someone who it looks it’s what they really like. So I was wondering, do you have a foot fetish in-

Sir Malice Christian: I do. I like my feet being massaged and played with and sucked on. And I like the other way around too. So equal opportunity for both sides. You just got to have nice feet, attractive feet.

Mistress Danielle Blunt: What makes a foot attractive?

Sir Malice Christian: Oh my God. The arches, the toenail beds, the cuticles, how well they take care of them, how soft they are. Oh man. The arches, the arches are important.

Mistress Danielle Blunt: The arches, I heard you mentioned that one. Yeah. Got some nice arches.

Sir Malice Christian: Flat feet can be sexy too, but the arches are amazing.

Mistress Danielle Blunt: Yeah. You can still point flat feet.

Sir Malice Christian: Yeah you can.

Mistress Danielle Blunt: A little arch. Do you get pedicures?

Sir Malice Christian: I do, every two weeks. My nail technician is… she’s my sister. She’s like, “Brother, you here?” I’m like, “Yes, I’m here.” She was like, “Manicure, Pedicure?” I’m like, “Yes, let’s go.” She’s like “Gel?” I’m like, “Yes.” She’s like, “Okay.”

Mistress Danielle Blunt: I love that.

Sir Malice Christian: Yes. It’s a good moment for you to relax and let somebody else take care of you. And it’s not too much money. It’s an investment, but I like my feet to be prepared for the summer and spring.

Mistress Danielle Blunt: Yeah. And for mouth.

Sir Malice Christian: Definitely that too. I won’t be putting my foot in somebody else’s mouth and I’m not taking care of them.

Mistress Danielle Blunt: Yeah. I think foot care is important. I also have a foot fetish largely on the receiving end, but I know a good foot when I see one and I will call it out. My favorite thing is when other Doms compliment my feet, I’m like, “Oh my God, thank you. Thank you for noticing, those are my moneymakers.”

Sir Malice Christian: For real.

Mistress Danielle Blunt: They do me good. But yeah, I think foot fetish is so interesting because it’s such a physical… I think the height difference in playing standing above someone and literally having someone down at your feet. I think that can be a really hot thing. And then also when I have a foot in boot fetish, then you’re down there by an erogenous zone, for me, which is just automatically a turn on. So there’s the play of power dynamics of having someone lower than me. Maybe one of my feet on their head. And then there’s also the fact that I’m about to have my feet worshiped and I’m fucking excited.

Sir Malice Christian: Right. You get the excitement of, “Are they good at massaging or sucking or whatever they’re about to do?” And then they start doing it that you just like, “Oh, they’re good.”

Mistress Danielle Blunt: Yeah. A good Footslut learns about massage. Because I have some footsluts who’d… I forgive the fact that they’re not good at massaging because they get so high from my feet that they look totally useless. And I’m like, “Okay, this is hot in its own way.” And I’m turned on and aroused, but you should fucking learn how to massage.

Sir Malice Christian: Well, I’m into teaching. I took massage therapy. I took massage therapy. I’m totally into teaching.

Mistress Danielle Blunt: Fuck yeah.

Sir Malice Christian: I’m totally into it. I’m definitely getting into the command and response stuff.

Mistress Danielle Blunt: Yeah. I like being able to teach them and subs who want to learn how to bring pleasure, because-

Sir Malice Christian: That’s a big turn on.

Mistress Danielle Blunt: Yeah. Feet are such an erogenous zone. I don’t know how else to say it for me. And there’s so many nerves in feet and they’re so sensitive. They can be ticklish or it can just shoot right up into my cunt. And I’m like, “Wow, that’s crazy.” I can cum from foot fetish sessions, which is something I both love and hate because I’m like, “Oh goddammit. I’m too easy. I got to make it harder for them.” But, when you are really enjoying it, I’m not going to pretend like I’m not.

Sir Malice Christian: No. Yeah, exactly. You can’t honestly. You really can’t-

Mistress Danielle Blunt: Yeah. There’s no hiding that. What is your favorite part about a footslut or a foot fetish session?

Sir Malice Christian: I think the chemistry is what I really get off on, somebody just being so comfortable down there and getting lost in it, they’re really comfortable and really want to be there. And they give you control over what you can do or what you can’t do during the session. I just think the chemistry, the energy that is given and received on my end, so that’s the best part for me.

Mistress Danielle Blunt: That makes sense-

Sir Malice Christian: So whatever they do down there whether they’re good at massaging, like you said, I can overlook it, because they’re down there, just going in. Oh my God. But I’m looking for one that knows how to do pedicures. I don’t got to go to my sister.

Mistress Danielle Blunt: Yes. When we were training, I was hosting these leather socials and there were two subs in training learning to do pedicures. And it’s such a good skillset. I’m going to say this louder so my submissive in the background can hear. Learning to do nails is a good skillset.

Sir Malice Christian: Right.

Mistress Danielle Blunt: But it’s such a sweet act of service to be able to do that for someone, especially someone who has that fetish. It’s like you have a boot fetish, a boot black is an amazing person to bring into your life to care for your boots in these highly charged polystyrene objects of power. And I think feet are that too and I think for me, my favorite part is watching someone fall into subspace just from my foot being near their face and that power.

Mistress Danielle Blunt: And I like to think of people’s fetishes or what they’re into as a way into their brain to play with DS. I don’t do straight fetish sessions unless people are interested in a DS component. What foot fetishists will do to be close to your feet? I think it’s a very powerful tool to play with in a DS relationship.

Sir Malice Christian: Right. Yeah. I definitely can agree with that. I can definitely agree with that wholeheartedly.

Mistress Danielle Blunt: Wholefootedly.

Sir Malice Christian: Wholefootedly yes.

Mistress Danielle Blunt: What will a foot fetishist do for feet is a good game.

Sir Malice Christian: It is. What will you do? Oh, I liked the game from your last… or maybe not the last one. The one that I tuned in, you guys had the cage creature-

Mistress Danielle Blunt: Oh yes.

Sir Malice Christian: … and then you guys played games with that.

Mistress Danielle Blunt: That was so fucking-

Sir Malice Christian: That was really good. For her to figure out which story goes with which person.

Mistress Danielle Blunt: Yeah, that was really fun. So we’ve been doing these leather socials throughout the pandemic. We took a little pause because I think we were all a little bit fatigued. But it was really fun. And we had a game show where our cage creature had to guess the secrets of everyone in the Zoom room chat, all of their kinky and dirty secrets which was very fun. And then we had this carnival spinning wheel that we would spin. And then those would be her punishments or rewards. My favorite was chucking tennis balls at her. I’d never done that before. Of course in Mommy’s basement.

Sir Malice Christian: Yes. Right. That was really nice. It was a nice setup. It was really fun from beginning to end. Everybody took a piece of information about everybody else back with them because everybody has to post in the comments section with their little secret.

Mistress Danielle Blunt: Yeah. Did you enter any secrets?

Sir Malice Christian: I put that I was in the military and they had to figure that out. I can’t remember the second one. I did two.

Mistress Danielle Blunt: That you have a foot fetish?

Sir Malice Christian: No that’s definitely not a secret. That is definitely not a secret. You would definitely see feet on my story on Instagram everyday.

Mistress Danielle Blunt: I love your aesthetic. And then I love your eye for feet. You’re just like constantly… What’s your Instagram handle?

Sir Malice Christian: Malice of NY.

Mistress Danielle Blunt: Malice of NY, yeah. Your story is one of my favorite places. It’s just such a good curation of… it’s that Tom of Finland inspired look with lots of feet. It’s amazing. That’s very good. A very good curation of feet.

Sir Malice Christian: That’s right I try to keep people entertained. Yeah.

Mistress Danielle Blunt: Yeah.

Sir Malice Christian: Of course we have Doms who post their content and they don’t post anybody else’s content. And then we have some people who share other people’s content or other inspiring content. I like to try to post something that’s either going to inspire you here or physically in some sort of way.

Mistress Danielle Blunt: Or everywhere. Yeah.

Sir Malice Christian: For everybody. Because I got a lot of sexy followers and it’s beautiful to wake up and open Instagram for a second. That’s what I need to work on. Not giving Instagram too much of my time though.

Mistress Danielle Blunt: Yes that’s-

Sir Malice Christian: Getting sucked into it.

Mistress Danielle Blunt: A cruel mistress. She takes up too much. I made a fake custom video for social media algorithms. I don’t know if you saw that. I was like, “Oh, you’re such an insatiable little slut, aren’t you always wanting to be fed, always wanting more. It’s never enough for you.” Because they just want all of your time. They want to take all of your time. So I think boundaries are good for that. A little phone bondage. I like to give-

Sir Malice Christian: You post this in your feed or in the story?

Mistress Danielle Blunt: This was on Twitter because I was nervous it was too sexy for-

Sir Malice Christian: Okay cool I’ll check it out.

Mistress Danielle Blunt: Yeah. I like giving submissives airplane mode bondage, where they have to put their phones on airplane mode.

Sir Malice Christian: Oh no. Once you walk in the door, your phone goes away, turn it off. You don’t really need it. Is there any meetings happening at this time during this session? No. No meetings. Okay. Do you need to speak to your children? No. Do you need to speak to your spouse? No. Okay. So you don’t need to speak to anybody. Nobody is important right now. Put that away and make sure you undress right there by the door.

Mistress Danielle Blunt: Yeah it’s so-

Sir Malice Christian: Submissives have to earn the right to wear clothes.

Mistress Danielle Blunt: Yes.

Sir Malice Christian: No clothes around me.

Mistress Danielle Blunt: That’s hot. That’s how the place where I trained is. Submissives were always naked. And I had to earn my first pair of leather boots, which I thought was very hot. And why probably why I have such a very strong boot fetish. I feel like boot in foot stuff translates really nicely to online work. I’ve been doing some more one-on-one Skype shows with submissives and I had a really hot one the other day where I just had all of my boots next to me and talking about how stinky they were making my feet, and he was wearing his boots. And I made him eat cum off of his boot. I think that’s something that’s really hot is. Yes. What was that?

Sir Malice Christian: Yes. Man. Boy. Either mine or yours or both. I definitely experienced that. I was in MAL last year and I guess my Instagram has started to get some sort of traction. This was my second time. The first time nobody knew me so my experience was pretty like… of a Voyeur. This time I was a voyeur and a bit of an exhibitionist. So I’d shown a little bit of growth community-wise.

Sir Malice Christian: So I had this one guy come and I guess he was doing his thing down there. And my roommate was there and he didn’t mind doing it in front of my roommate. And then I guess he came a little bit too early and I was like, “Oh, I’m about to go back downstairs. I can’t walk around with my boots like that. You got to lick that up.” Then he definitely licked it up. Oh man, that was hot. My roommate was like, “I’m jealous.”

Mistress Danielle Blunt: You’re like, “You can lick it too.”

Sir Malice Christian: You can do it too.

Mistress Danielle Blunt: Pure practicality is really hot. When it comes out of fantasy it can be really hot. If you’re going to cum, you’re going to have to lick it off my boot. But what you just said there, I have to fucking go downstairs, clean off my boots. I can’t go down there with a messy boot. Fix it.

Sir Malice Christian: Right. But you got to make it their fault. They love that.

Mistress Danielle Blunt: Yeah. Look at you. Are you doing some macrame now?

Sir Malice Christian: No. I’m trying to wind up these chords from the video game. So today I went to go pick up some new controllers for my X-Box because I keep on playing Boxing. Because you get a little frustrated playing the game and you get beat or whatever. So I hit the buttons a little bit too hard and the buttons got sticky probably because I spilled juice on it or something, whatever. They’re always on the floor. So, I had to get some new controllers.

Mistress Danielle Blunt: I like foot fetish and video games is something-

Sir Malice Christian: Foot fetish while video gaming.

Mistress Danielle Blunt: Yes. It’s like, “Lay under on my feet. I’m going to play this game.”

Sir Malice Christian: Right. Just lay there. I love the emitting heat from the face, the nostrils and the mouth on the bottoms of my feet. I love that. That feeling is amazing.

Mistress Danielle Blunt: Yes. You clearly have a foot fetish.

Sir Malice Christian: I do. I really do. Both ways.

Mistress Danielle Blunt: That’s what I miss most about sessions. I had the closest I’ve gotten to a foot fetish session in the pandemic was a gentleman who was obsessed with my feet. Drove three hours for a cash drop. And I put my feet in his face for 30 seconds and he drove three hours back and I was like, “That was really hot.”

Sir Malice Christian: That was dedication.

Mistress Danielle Blunt: And I was like, “That was dedication to my feet. That is a foot fetish.”

Sir Malice Christian: Oh man.

Mistress Danielle Blunt: He drove six hours round trip to throw cash at me and get the chance to take off one of my boots.

Sir Malice Christian: For 30 seconds.

Mistress Danielle Blunt: Yes. That is the peak of romance.

Sir Malice Christian: Not even 60 seconds.

Mistress Danielle Blunt: The peak of romance if you ask me.

Sir Malice Christian: That’s serious, he probably went home and jacked off for days.

Mistress Danielle Blunt: Yeah, it was really fun. It was really charged. He talked a little bit about what the drive there felt like for him and what the drive back felt like. But I’m excited for when we’re doing our full foot fetish session. I love foot fetishists so much. Some of my friends are like, “Not my thing.” But I’m like, “When you get a good one, they are so good because they’re so easy to please.” And you can use that as a form of control and reward. I’ve been training a dog. I’m like, “This is your high value reward, is my feet. So, how are you going to earn this?”

Sir Malice Christian: Shout out to Frankie.

Mistress Danielle Blunt: Yes he’s trying to be a good boy. He’s trying to be a good boy.

Sir Malice Christian: That’s good.

Mistress Danielle Blunt: I hear you have a puppy too?

Sir Malice Christian: Oh man. Yeah. So again, the same situation. I met this guy off a dating app and I tapped him first to start a conversation, but then I didn’t hear back for a week or two. And then just randomly last week he wrote me back. He was like, “Oh my God.” I’m like, “Dude, I tapped you a week ago. You just now getting back to me?” And so we communicated, he came over. He was only supposed to stay over for an hour, right? So I pushed it a little bit. I was like, “You’re going to stay here 24 hours in bondage.” So I wrapped the bondage belt around him.

Mistress Danielle Blunt: It’s like a dream first date.

Sir Malice Christian: Yes. For real. For him, he was dying. But that’s what made me keep him though, after I said I was jokingly saying that but, you know you say it jokingly, but then also you’re hoping that they agree to it. Right?

Mistress Danielle Blunt: Yes. So it’s just a joke and they’re like, “Oh.” And you’re like, “Mm-hmm (affirmative).”

Sir Malice Christian: So he got excited. He was like, “Oh really?” I was like, “Yeah.” So then I had him for maybe two hours chained up to the anchor point here. And I have an anchor point in the ceiling, but then I have one on both opposite ends of the wall at the base. And I had his feet connected to the one in the base and his hands connected to the one in the sealing. And he’s just standing there like a piece of living art.

Sir Malice Christian: It was nice, he had his pop hood on and he’s just standing there wiggling around butt naked. And I’m playing video games, watching TV. And he’s like, “Oh, that’s cool.” Well, he’s bounced. It was really cool. And then my partner came home. So I put him down on the floor and then he fell asleep. It was just easy.

Mistress Danielle Blunt: That’s so sweet.

Sir Malice Christian: It was chill.

Mistress Danielle Blunt: That’s so sweet. I feel like with puppy play and I’m going to call my dog, my dog and puppy play to distinguish, because people often tell me they have no idea if I’m talking about Frankie, my dog or a human puppy. Unless it’s super sexual and then it’s puppy play.

Sir Malice Christian: Right.

Mistress Danielle Blunt: But I have a working dog. So I have a dog that is a mix of Australian Shepherd, Border Collie and Poodle. Who really wants a job and really wants to work. And so I’ve gotten really into dog training. So when I do puppy play, I really like playing with puppies who are eager to please and less so the bratty ones who are trying to get away with bad things. So I like a working puppy who wants to learn tricks and play with my E-Collar. And be a good puppy for Mistress. 

Sir Malice Christian: E-collar.

Mistress Danielle Blunt: I’ll show you that-

Sir Malice Christian: E-collar. E-collar. Yeah. We’re looking for him for a hood right now. So I got online. It just inspired me. He just really came out of the blue, I think fate just has this way of putting me in the right place at the right time. So I just got to really not push things or try to force things. I had to learn that with the rope too. Not to force things because sometimes you’re just not ready for this or you’re not there just yet. And it’ll come to you. So I’ve been like fantasize about having a pup, but didn’t really know how to go about getting one. And then once I got one, how do you train them? So we just sit in there for the second day he came back over.

Sir Malice Christian: The next day he’s like, “I hope he’s not too much.” I’m like, “No, come back over. We’re going to spend more time. We’re going to get well acclimated with each other. I’m going to learn you. You’re going to learn me. All this good stuff.” So I just got on the computer. I’m like human puppy train. Right there, smack dab, pup handler in Northwest, Northeast put up this puppy training thing. And he’s like, “Training a human pup is no different from training an actual puppy.” You just make sure that you give him one word commands and make sure that you know exactly what you want in said command. I’m just like, “It’s that simple?” And then pup looks at me. He’s like, “You never had a dog before?” I was like, “Yeah, but I never did the training-“

Mistress Danielle Blunt: Yeah. My submissive always tells me… but she gets super turned on when I’m training the dog and she can just hear, she’s like, “I like short authoritative words.” And she’s like, “I hear you training Frankie.” And I’m like, “I’ll talk to you that way. It’s fine.”

Sir Malice Christian: Yeah. But I realized okay, I don’t consider myself an elitist, but there’s a standard of what I want in a [bottom] or submissive and a pup and so on and so forth. I don’t knock anybody else’s standard maybe it’s a little less of an expectation because I know I talked to some people and that’s what Instagram is beautiful for too. I get to gauge what the community is like outside of what… As doms we tend to stay to ourselves and make our own ways. And we stay in that lane. That makes no Dom similar to the next one.

Sir Malice Christian: But it also doesn’t build some sort of standard, expectation when submissives come into the community because no Dom is the same. But I definitely have a standard. And I think that little things like that show that there’s the standard there that I like. So we started talking and I’m saying about the one word command thing and he’s like, “Ruh Ruh.” It starts wagging his tail. He’s like, “I like one word command.” He got hella excited out of nowhere. I was just like, “Okay.”

Mistress Danielle Blunt: That was a good bark by the way.

Sir Malice Christian: That’s exactly how you sound. He’s been barking all day.

Mistress Danielle Blunt: He sounds like a little Rottweiler or something.

Sir Malice Christian: Yeah.

Mistress Danielle Blunt: I don’t know. Yeah. I’m imagining like-

Sir Malice Christian: Okay, because the hood that we’re looking for him, so he’s a little tiny dog.

Mistress Danielle Blunt: Oh, I’m just so off.

Sir Malice Christian: And furry, but the hood that I chose was a Rottweiler one, but I chose it basically, because it’s got a little lace up on this thing in the back and I really like lace up stuff, but it has a brown and black Rottweiler face. And I think it’s really cute and it’ll look good in the dungeon.

Sir Malice Christian: But he’s like, “I’m not really a Rottweiler. I’m a little tiny furry pup.” I’m like, “Okay.”

Mistress Danielle Blunt: But he’s got the bark. Bark like a Rottweiler.

Sir Malice Christian: And then he says but I can make a big bark. And then he makes a big bark and he’s like, “Maybe I got to work on it.”

Mistress Danielle Blunt: That’s so cute. That’s so sweet.

Sir Malice Christian: Yeah. It’s exciting. It’s a different sort of dynamic and it feeds into my multi-personality thing going on.

Mistress Danielle Blunt: Yeah. That’s so exciting. Well, I hope you continue to have fun training your pup and playing with your rope bunny. They sound lovely.

Sir Malice Christian: I’m definitely going to be coming to you for some training tips.

Mistress Danielle Blunt: I do have dog training tips. I’ll show you how to use the E-Collar because I use it not as a shock. I use it as an attention grabbing stimulus. So they also do similar things in military training as well for attention and awareness of just a tap. He’s trained for long distance off-leash training. And so his attention is just on me and it’s this very romantic practice after he learned some bad behaviors and wasn’t handled properly as a puppy before I had him.

Mistress Danielle Blunt: So I had to socialize him a lot. And so one of the things that I did is I would put his back against a skating rink. When people were banging into it, he wasn’t allowed to look anywhere but right into my eyes. And I was like, “No, I give you safety.” I was trying to teach him, “You look to me when you’re scared. So you don’t go and make a bad decision like hurting a toddler.”

Sir Malice Christian: Running off or something.

Mistress Danielle Blunt: He wants to face toddlers it’s his greatest desire. Not bite them, just herd them like sheep. But I was doing this training with him and I’m like, “Wow, like this is weirdly romantic training.” This was my before pandemic goal to put the collar on a submissive and take them to the strip club and be like, “You don’t get to look at anyone but me.” And just giving their money to the dancers and being like, “No only look at me. It will go up. If you take your eyes off, I know this is a high distraction environment. You only get to look at me and my feet.” So it’s a transferable skill.

Sir Malice Christian: Yes it is. I love that. I love that.

Mistress Danielle Blunt: I train Frankie–the dog on my Instagram sometimes and a lot of Doms watching they’re like, “Oh my God, this is so amazing.” It’s totally a skill that can be applied. I wish I actually had more dog training skills before becoming a Dom because it’s all about boundaries and communication and the relationship that you’re developing. And I feel it’s very useful.

Sir Malice Christian: Yeah. I can imagine.

Mistress Danielle Blunt: You should follow some dog trainers. I’ll send you some dog trainers to follow.

Sir Malice Christian: Oh yes, please, please, please. I’m open to all information. And I’m open to going in all different directions, because like you said, I always find a way to make the information transferable.

Mistress Danielle Blunt: Yeah. I think that’s such a good skill to have.

Sir Malice Christian: Now I’m even tying my shoelaces differently.

Mistress Danielle Blunt: I love that.

Sir Malice Christian: I’m trying to tie my shoelaces in differently. I’m lacing up everything nowadays.

Mistress Danielle Blunt: That’s funny. Well it was so lovely to chat with you.

Sir Malice Christian: Oh my God it’s over already?

Mistress Danielle Blunt: Oh yeah. Well I have to run in a couple of minutes.

Sir Malice Christian: No I’m joking, I’m joking.

Mistress Danielle Blunt: But where can folks find you if they want to chat?

Sir Malice Christian: Okay. So I’m on Twitter, Malice of New York of NY. I’m on Instagram, Malice of NY. You can always email me sirmalicechristian@gmail.com. Pretty simple, sirmaliceChristian@gmail.com. And I have a Facebook.

Mistress Danielle Blunt: OnlyFans or Any fan sites?

Sir Malice Christian: I have OnlyFans and I have Just For Fans.

Mistress Danielle Blunt: Awesome.

Sir Malice Christian: I think I have AVN but I haven’t really put anything on there yet. So I’m going to work on that.

Mistress Danielle Blunt: There you go. Yeah.

Sir Malice Christian: Malice of NY on OnlyFans and Just For Fans is Malice of New York. You can spell it out.

Mistress Danielle Blunt: Got it. Awesome. Cool. Well, it was so lovely chatting with you. I’m excited when we can share space again in person.

Sir Malice Christian: Yes. Likewise. Oh my God. I remember the day I met you, I got up on stage and I didn’t bring my implements.

Mistress Danielle Blunt: At the kink house.

Sir Malice Christian: And you just was like, “Hey,” I was like, “Whoa. Okay.” It was a moment. It really was a moment. But you can’t react to that moment. You got to still stay focused.

Mistress Danielle Blunt: Okay. I know the fun meeting story on the stage of-

Sir Malice Christian: Yes.

Mistress Danielle Blunt: … any leather event. Very fun.

Sir Malice Christian: Yes. But I had seen you at the Whitney but we never got to actually exchange words.

Mistress Danielle Blunt: I was familiar with you as well, but I don’t think we had spoken more than just passing.

Sir Malice Christian: She’s just over there Wuh-PSSH! Wuh-PSSH!.

Mistress Danielle Blunt: I was whipping people in the Whitney Museum of Art, I was “I’m going to put that on my fucking resume.” Exhibit A.

Sir Malice Christian: Whipping bitches into shame.

Mistress Danielle Blunt: Amazing. Well, thank you so much.

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