Playing with Mistress Margot Rose and fifi.

Miss Margot is a friend of mine whom I usually have the pleasure of beating, however it is a rare pleasure to be able to dole out a beating WITH Miss Margot. Especially a beating near as hard as I can beat Miss Margot herself.


I invited Miss Margot to Bryant Park to view Saturday Night Fever this past week with  explicit promises exchanged that I would braid her hair and that she would seductively feed me kiwis. She teasingly told her submissive, fifi, who had been wanting to meet me that we were hanging out. He begged her to see him later that night. After our movie, we made our way to Miss Margot’s private dungeon space. With the film still in our head, we had fifi strip to the sound track to get undressed. It took him a few times to get it right, and he eventually learned how to take his shirt off in one fell swoop.

Once he was naked Miss Margot and I blindfolded him, tied up his balls and connected them to his nipple clamps. His nipples and elevated balls made a perfect target for my whip. Once our canvas was primed, we laid him on his back, and secured his limbs to the bench, ceiling and wall. Miss Margot stood on top of her submissive and spat in his mouth, while fifi moaned, “I want to be perfect for you.” Her flogger landed full force on his balls and with a thud, he begged for mercy. She asked submissive fifi if he could take one more for her. He gathered himself and offered. After, he had told her that he had taken one more for her because he had thought the first one had been from Me. I didn’t even get to flog his balls, but I suppose that there is always next time…

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