Self-Care in Quarantine

Forced self-care has always been an interest of mine. I’ve often found that for people who identify as masochists, having strict instructions to follow on how to take care of themselves can be helpful in starting to integrate more self care practices into their lives. 

A lot can be learned about the self through externalizing the need to care for the self through worship and devotion. Sometimes, it is through these practices that we learn to care for ourselves and deem ourselves as beings worthy of care. 

I wrote a blog post about this last year, which you can find here

I will be working on a forced self-care regimen for select individuals who desire and inquire during quarantine. Are you having trouble staying on track and caring for yourself during this difficult time? This offering is for you. 

As always, not all of this may apply to you, so take what serves you, and leave the rest behind.

Feel free to follow along with any of my forced self-care tips below. If you enjoy, @ me on Twitter or Instagram to tell me about your experience, and to let me know you completed the task. Use the #forcedselfcare so I don’t miss it.

Self-Care Inventory

self care inventory by mistress blunt

Self-Care in Quarantine

If you are having a hard time taking care of yourself while in quarantine, you are not alone! Sometimes it is important to slow down and remberall of the things we are already doing everyday to take care of ourselves and our communities.

forced self care in quarantine

Kinky Meditation and Breathwork

If you are looking for a little kinky meditation, this one is for you. Find a comfortable space to relax. Read this meditation out loud a few times, close your eyes and feel my hands on you and continue repeating the mantra as you begin to increase the length of your exhale.

kinky meditation and breathwork mantra

Erotic Femdom Meditation

If you are looking for something even kinkier, I am giving you permission to imagine taking me out on a date! I want you to get dressed up for me, make a ritual of it. How does it feel to dress for me? How will you impress me? What will you be wearing? How will you present yourself?

erotic femdom meditation