As long as I have been sexually active, I have been aroused by the notion of lovers and play partners putting into words what they find so tantalizing about spending time under my spell. Whether it be through love notes, musical tributes, thank you letters, letters of recommendation or dedications in books, I love to hear how you make concrete the ways that I have affected you. Here are some choice words that have been written about me by some of the lovely folks I allow to serve me.

Here is the full text from my ex-boyfriend/current-cuckbitch:

Dear Potential Lover of Danielle,

Don’t do it.

Please understand, I know that by the time you are reading this letter it is already too late. I don’t really mean to dissuade you. You’ve already decided to sleep with her, and this step is merely a formality before your desires are consummated. But you should at least have an understanding of what you’re getting into.

She is ruination made flesh. She is torment and glory and joy and terror, and she will be your undoing.

You will like it. You will love it. You will be drawn in, like a fly to a spider’s web. And there, at the center of her silken spiral, you will be ruined forever. Nothing will ever compare to the ecstasy and horror that you are about to experience.

It’s not her curves, which are spectacular, or her skin, which is unnervingly smooth. It’s not her pretty face or her bouncy curls or her evil grin. It’s not the way she preens as a (redacted), though if you’re lucky enough to see those then you are truly lucky indeed. It’s not the many ways she can cause pain, or the alternating sharpness and tenderness of her touches.

No, it is the darkness and hunger behind her infinitely black eyes. It is the devious and deadly mind that bends and distorts the world until your core is laid bare and her whims are your only reality. She will show you her universe of delights, and your real world will be always the paler for it.

She will quietly plant ideas in your head, and without knowing it you will slowly bend to her perversions.

In the end, if you’re lucky, you’ll end up as (redacted). If you are less lucky, you will wander the world for the rest of your life, searching for that spark of darkness, for an echo of the girl who was your ruin.

So consider yourself warned. Soon this will be your destiny too. The sweetest kiss is the one followed by the embrace of death.

Best of luck in your destruction,



“A plethora of potential pleasures only previously peripherally pointed to.” – former lover


Dear Mistress,

Our session was amazing. Thank you for taking me that way. I felt your presence for days. I could see myself drooling for you on my yoga mat. I was so full of juice for you. Thank you for granting me release.

To be on my knees, naked at the end of our session, before your beauty was life affirming. As anxious and agitated as I was at the outset, by the end, my face against your warm, soft tummy, breathing in your essence, my hands on the small of your back, I was free, ensconced in your grace, serene in my being, both surrendering my weapons and sharpening them at the same time. I can’t thank you enough for that moment in time.

In seva,


P.S. … while it makes me shy to do so, I love to look into your eyes.


Dear Mistress,

…in short order you’ve opened windows to myself that haunt and excite me. You make me throb. Painfully, wonderfully.

Staccato images- dreaming of more.  Dreaming of something more real and knowing that’s not to be. Through it all frightened by the depths of desire, the depravity of my erotic thoughts.  Where the rabbit hole leads.

My ass, my body- yours.  Possessed by you. Hurt by you. Taken.  Wanting it to both end and continue more.  Strange, right?  I remain pulled to the cuckold role.  The humiliation I think is the draw.  Now as a sissy.  Thoughts of being your sissy.  Dressed as you desire.  Maybe a french maid.  Serving you as you are with your lover.  Maybe he/she is your partner.  Maybe another submissive.  I am beneath you both. Your submissive.   

In awe of you,

your devoted whore.