Lesbian BDSM Litrotica: Curly Haired Sluts

One of my favorite tasks to give to submissives, lovers, and creatives is to ask them to write an erotic femdom story for me. You can learn so much about some one’s psyche through what they reveal in text. mée rose wrote me this incredibly sexy story about being overcome with desire for a powerful woman and dominatrix, me. I am still blushing while reading this short story about Femdom, breath play, foot worship and the desire of a sweet submissive slut. I am sure that you will enjoy this femdom story full of lust and longing too.

Lesbian BDSM Litrotica

Before I even had time to notice what colour the walls were she had shoved my head inside of a pale pink pillowcase. Silk, she said, because it’s good for curly haired little sluts like you. While she was twisting her fist- the silk tightening against the base of my skull – I was melting into a faceless silhouette underneath her. Thank you, Mistress. I want to be such a good little slut for you. 

Her other hand pinched and groped its way across my erect nipples and I wiggled in delight until her hand found itself upon my neck. Now I paused and so did she. We stayed that way for a while, pressed up against each other, breathing heavily, until at last her fingers collapsed around my throat. When she let loose a little, I sucked at the pillowcase to find air. I could hear her laughing and I could feel my pussy swelling with heat. 

The more I struggled the more she seemed to like it. I was gasping at the edge of collapse. This is bad, this is really bad, she said. Still holding me up by the neck, she guided my hand to her warm, wet inner thigh. Look what you’ve done. Please, Mistress. I’m sorry, Mis—two fingers pushed through the pillowcase to rest inside my open mouth. Down, she said. I followed the pressure from her lead until I was on all fours. She released her fingers and started to slide the pillowcase up and off my head. 

Seeing the shiny black tips of her stilettos made my mouth water. I let my eyes travel along the top of her foot to her naked ankle. Eyes down! So fucking greedy! I snapped my eyes to the hardwood floor. I listened to the sharp click of her steps moving alongside and stopping just behind me. Slowly she traced the toe of her shoe along my panties before coming to rest overtop of my covered, throbbing hole. My pussy clenched and I let out a small whimper. Light tapping turned into pointed, repeated entry– my underwear still in place. Get those out of my way but don’t you dare look up. I bowed down and pressed my cheek against the wooden floor, scrambling to reach and remove my panties. As I did, I felt threads of cum dripping all along my thighs. 

How to thank your Mistress

Thank you, Mistress, she said. Thank you, Mistress, I said. She climbed overtop of me and sat with her legs spread open across my back. Leaning forward, she reached around the front of my dress pulling hard so my tits fell loose from my bra. That’s better, she said. She pushed her hands into the thick of my curls and I began to moan when suddenly she closed her fists, ripping my head up by the hair. In front of us was a velvety blue sofa. Take me over there, she said. Gasping, with my chin in the air, I began to crawl. 

My knees slid heavy along the hardwood making her giggle. She smacked at my ass with her open palm. About halfwaay across the room, she stood up straight. I paused in confusion before her kick landed deep in the back of my thigh urging me to keep on. The fury of her stilettos pummelled into me until at last I was curled up and begging for mercy beside the soft blue fabric of the couch. 

She sat down there, spreading her legs beside my face and allowing a view of her pink swollen pussy. My face flushed red. Come here and lay in my lap, she said. I slid up onto her thighs like some kind of melted liquid and she dropped her tits onto my face just the same. My breath quickened as I lay there suffocating. After a moment she sat back and I sputtered at the air. Thank you, Mistress, thank you. She teased my lips with her hardened nipples and I opened my mouth wide to take her in. She moaned with pleasure while I suckled. She slid her fingers along my stomach into the wet mess between my legs. Oh please, Mistress, please?