Boot Worship: Boot Fetishists on Bootblacking

International Ms. Bootblack, KD Diamond, came over to chat with Tina Horn and I about bootblacking history in old-guard leather communities. The three of us train some eager submissives in the art of bootblacking. Tina Horn and I volunteer our boots to be polished and worshipped. Below, I’ve included a very horny transcript, edited for clarity and brevity. 

I talk a lot about my old-guard leather upbringing, but always try to remind people that there is no right way to do anything. Take whatever serves you and leave the rest behind. For me, I still enjoy gifting leathers, but I don’t think that it is the only way to gain access to the community. 

If you have a boot fetish or have fantasized about worshipping a pair of black leather boots, this post is for you.

If you want to see the full clip (you do), you can get it here!

An Intro to Old-Guard Bootblacking

KD Diamond: You know, to be your community bootblack started out, and continues to be, a way to take care of your Dominants and the elders in your community. It’s a way to sort of rise up in the ranks of your leather family. So, taking care of someone’s leathers is not just an act of service and worship, but a way to be an engaged community member.

One way to sort of look at our sort of kinky, sexual, non-hierarchical hierarchy is that you take care of someone’s leathers and you… you are in a service position to them and you’re submissive to them. And as you sort of gain new skills and accumulate ways to be a part of your kink community… eventually you’ll be given leathers. 

You earn your leathers for your acts of service and your participation in the community. So, this is one of the most basic, like, ‘OG’ (old-guard) way to be a part of the leather community… is bootblacking.

Mistress Blunt: Show me what you got, Ms. Diamond!

KD Diamond: So, you have your standard shine brushes. This here is a suede brush. You can brush out when the suede is looking sad. This here is your dauber… your soap brush. These are two other types of soap brushes so you can get into the small crevices. 

This is for going through the catwalk. The catwalk is that area where the sole of your boot and the leather of the boot starts to be sewn together. Where they meet.

I just always believe you should have a multi-tool wherever you go.

[lighter taps metal]

So, obviously we don’t wanna set our leather on fire… but most of the threads that are inside of your boot are actually synthetic.

Mistress Blunt gets her Boots worshiped and blacked

Boot Fetishists and Bootblacking

Mistress Blunt: So I’m gonna interview you!

Tina Horn: I love that!

Mistress Blunt: Boots… tell me about ’em!

Tina Horn: Boots! Well, you… you wear them. Typically on your feet… but, you know… I’m open. [laughter]

Mistress Blunt: When did you first realize that you had a thing for boots? [deep sigh]

Tina Horn: When I started dating a bootblack, I guess. What about you? When you say that you have a thing for boots…

Mistress Blunt: They’re dirty right now, I’m embarrassed! They’re gonna get clean though.

Tina Horn: I mean, you gotta… get… dirty to get clean. When you say that you’re into boots… Does that mean that you get wet when you see boots that you find hot?

Mistress Blunt: Yes. See boots, wear boots, smell boots, Google search boots. I spend a lot of time on Google looking at boot porn. 

I had a boot fetishist who would see me and he would talk about what made a good boot with such exquisite detail… and I’m like, “Fuck.” I acquire fetishes so quickly! This is an expensive fetish! And then he left and I’m like, “Fuck!”

I trained in an old-guard leather house where you earned your leathers. So I trained from the bottom up and earned a pair of leather boots. And then when I started domming more, I was totally naked in just thigh-high leather boots that my Mistress gave me.

They were passed down, from generation to generation of Dommes, and I think there’s something really beautiful and magical and powerful about that. (Not that that is the only way to be involved in the leather community!)

So boots were the first article of clothing that I would put on that sort of helped me step into my power. And…

Tina Horn: And that makes you wet?

Mistress Blunt: And that makes me wet. Power makes me wet, yeah. Boots make me wet. I like leather. What can I say?

I really like the idea of secondhand leather, too. The idea that someone I know and respect wore this, and then gifted it to me. And I can feel some of their power lingering in the leather. In summary, I think boots are great!

But right now, I think we need to get our boots done. What do you think?

Tina Horn: My boots are filthy!

KD Diamond: How appropriate.

Mistress Blunt: Our boots could be done. What do… what do we think?

Tina Horn: I mean, what are we gonna do… I mean this is New York, you can order anything, right?

How to Bootblack

KD Diamond: Hey bootblacks!

[laughter and floorboards creaking. The door opens to reveal four submissive bootblacks.]

Tina Horn: Oh! That’s nice.

Mistress Blunt: Down! We need to make space!

Tina Horn: Too many bootblacks!

Mistress Blunt: What do we do?! [laughter] I think it’s time to have our boots worshipped.

KD Diamond: Yay!

Mistress Blunt: Ugh! You bootblacks are so fucking cute!

Tina Horn: So where… where do you think mouths and boots come… come together? Where do you think that association comes from?

Submissive 1: I wanna take my lipstick off.

KD Diamond: You wanna take your lipstick off?

Submissive 1: Yeah.

Mistress Blunt: With Huberd’s? To clean the boots.

Submissive 1: Oh! We could try that!

Mistress Blunt: Where’s that Huberd’s? Gimme some! I’m gonna take your lipstick off. If Huberd’s gets on it, it’s fine. Come here. [giggling]

Let’s see if we can’t get some of it off.

[lips squishing]

I think that’s better.

Submissive 1: [giggling]

Mistress Blunt: Resume! You guys are so cute with our boots! What do we say? What do we like to hear?

Tina Horn: Begging!

Submissives: Can I worship your boots?

Tina Horn: [sucks teeth] I don’t think that was begging? That was just asking politely.

Submissives: Can I please worship your boots?

Tina Horn: [sucks teeth]

Submissives: Please?

Tina Horn: Okay! [giggling] Now I know your mouth is all ‘Huberd’s-ed’ up! So…

Mistress Blunt: Maybe that’s the way to do it?

Tina Horn: I think so.

Mistress Blunt: Oh, and look at these two over here. Silently begging!

Submissive 3: [small moan] Mistress, please? May I worship your boots?

Mistress Blunt: You maaay! Aww, so cute! Oh my god, I’m overwhelmed.

Submissive: They taste good.

Mistress Blunt: [moans] Mmm… deeper. You two kiss deeper.

[Mistress Blunt whispers] Good.

Tina Horn: What do they taste like?

Submissive: It tastes like… like… lemongrass. Sort of. Or maybe that’s just what it smells like. And like salt.

Mistress Blunt: Harder! I wanna feel it. I want to feel you worshiping my boots.

[licking and sucking]

[Mistress Blunt whispers] Yes. Better. Hot. Let’s see those tongues.

KD Diamond: That’s what we’re doing!

Mistress Blunt: I feel like they’re all my boots! I can’t tell Tina’s from my own boots. Like, I’m confused! [moans] Mmmhmm… Do you like kisses or licks, Tina?

Tina Horn: Oh, it’s all the same to me! Sucking! You know… like, sort of, gnawing…

Mistress Blunt: Oh I do like me a good gnawing! I feel like I have to go like, all the way up.

[licking and sucking]

Emmy’s just becoming one with my boots right now on the ground. You’re so cute! Chin up! Good.

KD Diamond: [laughter]

Tina Horn: Well, right now, it smells like the Murphy’s oil soap. So it smells like a perfectly polished hardwood floor. [laughter]

[brushes on leather]

Tina Horn: That’s nice.

Mistress Blunt: I love it.

[brushes on leather]

Tina Horn: Mmm!

[brushes on leather]

[deep breathing]

Mistress Blunt: This is heaven!

Tina Horn: I’m feeling very relaxed.

[brushes on leather]

Tina Horn: So, what is… sexual about this to you? What is different from… what is different about this then say, going to the leather spa in Grand Central Station? I mean, of course you could go…

Mistress Blunt: I think it’s the intention and the energy and the context…

KD Diamond: Let’s brush that soap in and definitely use those microfiber rags! To make sure nothing’s too wet.

Tina Horn: [deep sigh]

KD Diamond: Make sure you get into all of the crevices.

[brushes on leather]

Mistress Blunt: Only one thing should be too wet! And it’s working! [laughter] 

What’s sexual about… I don’t know! It feels… the boots feel like an extension of my body. It’s having something that I find a talisman of power worshiped.

Tina Horn: Mmm. Mmm! Well said.

Mistress Blunt: Feels… right. I love this day! I love you!

Tina Horn: Oh! I love you, too! [giggling]

Mistress Blunt: Let’s hold hands! [laughter]

Tina Horn: It’s like you’re holding hands with yourself, though, because you painted my nails.

Mistress Blunt: It is! I painted everyone’s nails to match me because I’m super narcissistic!

Tina Horn: We love that about you! [laughter]

Mistress Blunt: It’s amazing how much better the boots look just from being cleaned.

KD Diamond: I know, right?

Mistress Blunt: Do you want to demonstrate what the catwalk brush would do on the boot, KD?

KD Diamond: Yeah. Everyone’s doing such a good job.

Mistress Blunt: Ugh! Everyone’s beautiful nails. I think, yeah, I just like… something about the red nail on black leather is so sexy to me!

Tina Horn: What about my brown leather?

Mistress Blunt: It works for me, too. [indistinct]

KD Diamond: The catwalk is this area. It’s much slimmer on these boots. But it’s basically the area that’s between the sole of the boot and this fold here. This is a much more pronounced catwalk. But this is the area that, maybe everyone has realized, when there’s salt on the street and it gets stuck in your leather… that’s where it’s gonna get stuck the most.

Mistress Blunt: So, what do we do?

KD Diamond: You can use a toothbrush. Or I have this fancy tool that was gifted to me by International Mr. Bootblack 2009. R.I.P. Tim. He went to Germany and of course in Germany, they absolutely have an entire store dedicated just to all the brushes you can use on your boots!

Mistress Blunt: Oh! I love it!

KD Diamond: And so, with your toothbrush or this fancy tool, you can go in and then you just basically wanna make sure you brush away any excess dirt that’s living in between the catwalk. 

[brush bristling]

You can do it dry, you can do it with the soap. The soap will make sure you get any excess that maybe it’s so deep even the bristles can’t get it.

Mistress Blunt: Audrey, what was it like for you the first time you got your boots done?

Audrey: At first, I felt guilty for receiving, but then I realized that it was okay for me to feel powerful. And so then I just let it happen. And then it was really cathartic to feel worthy of that. In a room full of people. It was so new, and it was really intense.

Mistress Blunt: That’s awesome. Good job, Audrey! [laughter]

Tina Horn: That’s a beautiful answer!

Submissive: I’m like, gonna cry. [laughter]

Mistress Blunt: Boots make me cry! Yeah?

Audrey: Oh yeah! It was you! You were the submissive who did my boots for the first time! This is like reality TV! [laughter]

Mistress Blunt: (to submissive) Are you blushing? Blushing?

Submissive: I am absolutely blushing!

Mistress Blunt: Maybe we can make you blush a little more? [slapping leather]

[all laughing] 

[deep sigh]



KD Diamond: Yeah! Let’s grease these boots up!

Mistress Blunt: You’re nice and greased! [laughter] From before.

KD Diamond: Alright, let’s crack open that Huberd’s. And really, this is… this is the greasiest, greatest material. You can use it as a way to deeply, deeply massage the person inside the boots.

Mistress Blunt: Are these a soft boot? Even the toe? It wouldn’t take a high shine?

KD Diamond: Do you want it to have a high shine?

Mistress Blunt: Could we do a high shine on the toe? Or is it not the right leather? [rubbing leather]

KD Diamond: No.

Mistress Blunt: Okay. No high shine for me. So we’re just gonna do Huberd’s today.

Tina Horn: Now Huberd’s smells like…

Mistress Blunt: Lapsang tea!

Tina Horn: Lapsang tea, yeah! Or, uh, Laphroaig…

KD Diamond: Campfire!

Tina Horn: Yeah, Laphroaig scotch or campfire. Or like, smoked salmon.

Mistress Blunt: Fuck! It smells so good! SO good!

Tina Horn: Oh yeah! Now we’re gettin’ greasy!

[deep breathing]

Mistress Blunt: [whispers] So good.

Submissive: Mmmhmmm.

Mistress Blunt: Ugh!

Tina Horn: Ugh…

Mistress Blunt: Yes!

Tina Horn: [moans] Mmmm!

Mistress Blunt: So, how much do you want to put on, KD?

KD Diamond: Part of the reason I believe you should use your hands with every step of this process is ’cause you can feel how thirsty the boots are.

Mistress Blunt: Mmmm… I have thirsty boots. Or, I’m just thirsty! I think my boots are… [laughter]

Tina Horn: An extension of you!

Mistress Blunt: Yeah!

KD Diamond: I would say that once you’ve got that greasy looking shine, just keep on rubbing that in and rubbing that in. You shouldn’t have to keep adding ’cause the stuff goes a long way.

Tina Horn: [moans] Mmmm.

Mistress Blunt: Ugh! It looks so hot!

Tina Horn: [moans] Mmmmm… [moans] Mmmmm! Oh! Ooh!

Mistress Blunt: Don’t you love the red nails, too? [deep breathing] I love my life.

KD Diamond: Yeah I’d like to say that… like, get into the person’s Achilles tendon. Really massage around that calf.

Tina Horn: Yep. Yep!

Mistress Blunt: [whispers] Yes, good job.

KD Diamond: This is both great for the person sitting for you, and then also the leather itself. ‘Cause you’re really working it into the leather. Letting the oil become one with the leather.

Mistress Blunt: [whispers] Oh my god, it feels so good.

[floorboards creaking]

KD Diamond: A lot of people have said to me the first time they ever sat for getting their boots done, that they didn’t expect to feel it.

Mistress Blunt: [moans] Mmmm…

Tina Horn: [moans] Ohhh…

Mistress Blunt: I feel like it makes it feel like it’s more of a part of you.

KD Diamond: Mmmhmm.

Mistress Blunt: Look how proud KD looks. [giggles] [deep inhale]

KD Diamond: So many children!

Tina Horn: [laughter] [moans] Oh, ugh…

Mistress Blunt: And Emmy’s tits look great.

Tina Horn: Yeah. Get under the folds of those straps.

KD Diamond: Now we don’t want to leave any excess oil anywhere ’cause…

Mistress Blunt: That feels so good.

Tina Horn: Really get into those crevices.

KD Diamond: The way that I describe it is when you get out of the shower, you wouldn’t put on some lotion and then leave a sheet of it caked on top of you. Cause otherwise as you walked throughout the world, you would just get dirty. And the same thing happens, so we wanna make sure that the oil’s rubbed in. Otherwise, we’ll accumulate more dirt and actually undo the job you’ve just done.

[deep breathing]

[horn outside]

Mistress Blunt: [whispers] Oh my god! [giggling]

KD Diamond: Do you wanna get any from Tina’s perspective?

Mistress Blunt: Blessed day! Yeah. Look at this fur and fuckin’ leather! 

[rubbing leather] 

[deep breathing]

[boots walking]

[floorboards creaking]

Little bootblacking babies!

boot blacks and leather boots

KD Diamond: You can start using the microfiber rag to start to really brush the oil in if you feel like it’s getting tacky in any way. And you just put a small sheen left.

[buffing leather]

Make sure it’s really buffed in.

A lot of people think that if you leave the oil on the leather, it will give it that sort of glistening Tom of Finland shine. But actually, it’s just gonna wind up making everything messy.

Tina Horn: Not a good kind of messy?

KD Diamond: Not a good kind of messy. 

[buffing leather] 

Yeah. Really brush that in… really buff it in.

Mistress Blunt: You guys are so cute! Are you pleased?

KD Diamond: You’ll be able to feel how velvety it is. Yeah.

Mistress Blunt: Tina’s hypnotized! [giggling]

Tina Horn: I’m not hypnotized… I’m, I’m like, uh…

Mistress Blunt: In boot space?

Tina Horn: I think I… I mean it’s the… it is the feeling of getting good bodywork. It makes me very tingly and also like, shuts my brain off, which is nice.

Mistress Blunt: [whispers] Yeah. 

[buffing leather]

Tina Horn: Yeah and there is an element of like, “Guess what? I deserve this.” to getting your boots done.

Mistress Blunt: How are they feeling?

KD Diamond: They feel like they’re pretty much done. Everyone can do a last buff and then… Do a last buff?

[buffing leather]

[deep breathing]

Mistress Blunt: [loud moan] [laughter] My boot looks so nice!

KD Diamond: [giggling]

Tina Horn: Damn! You wanna sit on the floor and admire your own boots?!

Mistress Blunt: I wanna sit anywhere and admire my boots!

Tina Horn: Oh, okay, there we go. 

[couch adjusts]

Oh! Hello! Oh, wow!

Mistress Blunt: They do… Oh! They look really nice!

Tina Horn: Wow! They feel… so supple!

Mistress Blunt: So supple! They do. They feel alive again!

Tina Horn: Ahhhh! [laughter] Yeah. That’s creepy.

Mistress Blunt: I do like wearing… I do like the idea of wearing skin. I always tell my lover that he has to will his skin to me when he dies. So I can make him into gloves and jerk off other men!

Tina Horn: That’s so romantic!

Mistress Blunt: So, I have a thing for skin! [laughter] So leather can just last forever if you care for it?

KD Diamond: Try its best!

Tina Horn: I mean, that is…

Mistress Blunt: A while longer?

Tina Horn: [laughter] Yeah! I mean, something that, uh… I learned that somebody mentioned to me recently that I had passed along to them and that they said it really changed their perspective on… or their relationship to… leather, even though they’re vegan. 

Something that I didn’t quite understand about bootblacking when I was first learning about it was how could somebody who was punk or anti-materialistic worship an object? Especially a commercial object?

Mistress Blunt: Yeah.

Tina Horn: And the way that this one explained it to me was that if you take care of the things that you have, then they last longer.

Mistress Blunt: Rather than just accumulating.

Tina Horn: Exactly. And I was like, oh! Okay, I get it. I’m on board now! Sign me up!

Mistress Blunt: And I feel like our boots should be worshiped! What do you think, Tina? What do you think, bootblacks?

4 Submissives: Yeah! [all laughing]

close up of red nails on black leather boots for worship

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