Foot worship

One of my favorite compliments I’ve received is when a fellow Domina comments on how stunning and perfect my feet are, and I receive that compliment a lot. At a size 7, my feet are the perfect size to dominate you with. They are incredibly sensitive and sensuous, my feet are an erogenous zone.

My feet are utter and complete perfection and they look divine hovering, teasing over your face as you beg to kiss. There is nothing I love more than training you how to worship my feet exactly how I like it and watching you in ecstatic bliss, burying your face in gratitude in to my feet. The sigh of a sweet foot slut as they inhale deeply at my feet always makes me wet.

Foot slaves are one of my favorites, because they know exactly where they belong, low. A few of my devoted foot sluts have learned the particulars of my desires when it comes to foot rubs and worship and feel pride in bringing me such dear pleasure. My feet are so sensitive that a well trained foot slave might have the pleasure of making me cum, just by properly tending to my feet. I do have a game that I play with a few dear submissives, where if they can make me wet enough, they get to keep my panties as a reward.

As I love Foot Fetish Sessions, here are a few choice tweets of my feet to remind you that I’m more than just a pretty face. Enjoy, darlings.