BDSM Stories: Piss Play & Watersports (Thank You, Mistress)

No one has ever pissed on my face or into my mouth before, and it was something I’ve always wanted to do, especially with her. I’ve often thought about, and rarely (if ever) discussed, showing up to our regular service day with a coffee that she then pisses in. (Thank you, Mistress.)

Orgasm Control: 100 (Denied) Submissive Fantasies to Edge To

I like to have submissives detail their kinky fantasies and perverted thoughts while they are under my strict orgasm control. Last year, a submissive wrote 100 Things to Not Think About When Mistress Blunt Won’t Let You Cum for me. This year, I had another eager submissive record every time they thought of me while …

BDSM Stories: Worshiping Mommy’s Leather Boots

I’m standing in the doorway. She’s standing in the middle of the room in front of a chair with dark wooden legs, arm rests and a black leather seat. My breath is caught in my chest as my eyes focus on her. Black lace lingerie, her curly hair resting on her shoulders.

BDSM Stories: Rope Bondage and Corporal Punishment in the Woods

“Hello Mommy, I am just playing with Poodle while we wait for you,” said Jacky.  “Playing with Poodle is making him fetch a stick, Jacky, not satisfying your desires and teasing him,” replied Mistress Blunt. “Did they offer to release your cage, Poodle?” Mistress Blunt asked.  I could only nod the affirmative.