Financial Domination

What is Findom?

Financial Domination, or Findom, is one of the most taboo fetishes. But in a society where money is power, especially in NYC, what greater way to surrender then through the direct transfer of cash to a superior woman. Gifts, cash, expensive trips, it all looks better on me, darling. Don’t you agree? Financial Domination is for generous, interested individuals who would like to indulge my hedonism or who desire greater control over their finances, this is for you. If you want to truly submit, hand over your wallet little paypig.

Why are people into Findom?

There are so many different ways to explore Findom with a dominatrix. For many, it can be a relief to have someone better equipped to handle your finances for you, for others seeing another enjoy the fruits of their labor is it’s own sort of sublime surrender and pleasure. Whether you get off on that little hit of dopamine you get when you click “Send Mistress Money” or you enjoy the longer form of bondage and restraint of surrendering your capital to your Mistress, there are so many ways to play with finances in a BDSM context. What power does money hold over you? How would you like to surrender your power to me?

Financial Dominatrix Mistress Blunt is a Professional FIndom

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