A Ritual (photos by Natasha Gornik)

(TW Blood)

When I facilitate a ritual BDSM journey for an individual I don’t always know what someone is working with. Oftentimes people will choose to keep the specifics to themselves, and only occasionally share with me after. I work with energy, so specifics aren’t necessary to do the work.

Here are her words:

Transformation is not only creation, but death. As part of my own transformation, Mistress Blunt guided me on a burial/birth ritual that would memorialize that which had served me so that I could make space for the person I wanted to become. To be buried in the totems of my old self required a reckoning and a coming to peace; an emotional journey played out on the body. Stapled and pinned to my flesh, my old self literally bound me. We said goodbye in the most beautiful way we could with flowers and jewels; the corpse that is even more breathtaking than it’s living memory. When Mistress Blunt cut me open, I felt my body breathe for the first time. Our energy transformed the moment it started to flow, and the blood charged us both. Painted in my blood, I could both say goodbye to that which needed to leave and at last appreciate the powerful life force that’s been inside of me all along. In the bath, swaddled in lace and held firmly in Mistress Blunt’s arms, I was reborn, emerging afterwards with the spirit of someone who has just gone to battle and the scars to prove it. 
Deft, creative, and intuitive, Mistress Blunt was a true medium. She understood how to simultaneously give me the support I needed to feel safe while giving me the space I needed to go on my own journey. Deeply attentive to my body and my signals, she always had a sense for where I was, even without verbal communication. While the scars have now mostly faded, this session left its imprint beneath the skin, and is something I will carry with me always.