Folsom 2019

Mistress Blunt Human Furniture

My sweet Australian Submissive flew me from New York to San Francisco so I could parade her around the Folsom Street Fair. We made quite the scene as I dragged her around by the hair and whipped her in the streets. The energy of all of the leather daddys, leather dykes, and perverts was incredible. It feels so amazing being surrounded by your people and being witnessed in a public scene by fellow perverts.

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Mistress Blunt in San Francisco for Folsom

I only make it to San Francisco once a year, and this year, I made sure that I would be there for the Folsom Street Festival. The first time I went to Folsom was the first time that I had my leathers (head to toe) done at a boot blacking station. Since then, I have been incorporating more leather worship and care into all of my sessions. I am excited to go to all of SF’s best kink parties, to indulge my leather fetish to the fullest, and to hang out with some of my favorite SF prodommes.

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Sweaty Summers in NYC

I’ve been traveling a lot the last few months, but New York City will always be my home. Through and through I am a NYC-Dominatrix. My favorite BDSM clients hail from New York City. Maybe it is something with the masochism of living and surviving in this sweaty and expensive city that makes submissives from NYC so sweet. Or maybe I am just a homebody who enjoys making people come to me. Either way, I’ve learned that even as a traveling dominatrix, I am a New York City dominatrix at heart. NYC will always be my home, and you will always be my bitch.

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Forced Self Care

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High Protocol D/s

As a classically trained dominatrix, there is nothing that I enjoy more than high protocol D/s (Dominance/submission) training. Training a submissive up to my standards creates the building blocks to develop a beautiful and mutually beneficial relationship. A relationship where you are able to serve me to my standards. A relationship where you prioritize my pleasure. A relationship where your body becomes a vehicle for service.

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2018 Holiday Wishlist

For those who asked, here is my holiday wishlist, though to be honest, my life (and closet) are pretty full. And, as always, cash is king. If you’d like to get me something sweet for the holidays this year, I’d adore you stuffing my stocking with cold hard cash. Cash for me to invest, for me to go on vacation with, for me to spend on bodywork, for me to continue decorating my apartment for me to spoil family and friends. Nothing makes me sleep as sweetly as sleeping on top of a mattress on a pile of cash…

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Manifesting: Dream Sessions and Dream Clients.

I know, darlings. Perhaps you’re new to this. Perhaps you still think that this relationship is about what you want. But this is about power exchange. This is not about your ego, this is about learning to serve another. I am uninterested in your fantasy. Of course, revealing them to me is encouraged, as it gives me an understanding of your psyche and of how to mold you into the perfect supplicant for service. I know what I want, I know how to articulate my needs, and that means that there are plenty of opportunities for you to please me.

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Session Musings: The Smell of Worms//Petrichor

I made him inhale deeply. Working on his breath for an hour before I let him stick his tongue out and try and taste. To beg. I teased him and put my hands down my pants and my fingers slipped right into my pussy. I took my fingers out and held them in front of his face and made him look at the little beads of wetness pulled apart into spider webs between my fingers. I draped the spider web over his tongue and teased, “look how wet you’re making me.”

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