Play was something that I always had a hard time describing my BDSM practice as. It always seemed like too light of a word to convey the deep psychological states I was exploring through kink. Recently, I have begun to embrace the word play. Play is about plasticity, exploration, and reaching new outcomes. It is about experimenting, creating space to fail and to try again. It is about creating spaces to push yourself and be held. As adults, we live a very structured life with very few opportunities to play, move and connect. My play is about finding points of connection and attunement with my submissive. I search for what feels potent and flexible and I play with it, manipulate it to create states of tease, denial, and ecstasy. I think of my submissive’s desire as an entry point to accessing altered states of consciousness. Whether it looks like taking a stroll down Folsom preparing my submissive for a public beating, a meditative and hypnotic foot fetish scene, or creating strict structures for a D/s dynamic to emerge, my play is about transformation and creation.