Cultivating a Devotional Yoga Practice.

The most frequent e-mail I get is requesting more information on kinky yoga. Whether it be developing a crush on their bare-foot teacher, focusing their drishti on a particular yoga bum or noticing similarities between sub-space and their yoga practice, it seems that every man who has been to a yoga class has picked up on it’s pervertable potential.

I’ve been incorporating elements of yoga into My submissive training since I first got involved in the scene. But it is an exciting thing when I get to incorporate submissive training into a submissive’s regular yoga practice or help people explore their kinks through a different and potentially unknown modality. I like My submissives to be cognizant of what they do to their bodies and what they put in them, because if they are offering Me their body, it better be cared for. To offer Me an uncared for vessel is an insult.

Practicing yoga, much like submitting to a skilled Domina, can be remarkably therapeutic and cathartic and can have countless benefits. For many, yoga is a deeply spiritual practice based in ideas of devotion and surrender. So, it is only natural that when setting an intention for your practice, it should be to serve Me.

My kinky yoga sessions are held in My private play space in the LES or in a private yoga studio in Midtown. Send Me an e-mail to to start on the path of creating a devotional yoga practice.

Things I love:

-Bramacharya (chastity / orgasm control) Yoga

-Cross Dressing Yoga

-Foot Fetish Yoga

-Public Yoga

-Submissive Training Yoga

-Stress Posture Yoga and Forced Fitness