100 Things to Not Think About When Mistress Blunt Won’t Let You Cum

I gave my submissive the task of writing down every single thing they thought about while they weren’t allowed to cum. Orgasm denial and edging can be really challenging for some submissives, especially when you have to keep a written log of every thought you definitely shouldn’t be having.

(Content Warning: Very hot content ahead, some of it including bloodplay and physically unrealistic fantasies. Not all fantasies need to be realized to be hot.)

If you want to obey Mistress’s chastity order in a total power exchange (TPE) D/s relationship, you definitely won’t want to think about:

1. Red nails on black leather boots.
2. Holding her hand in Ryan Phillippe’s Cruel Intentions car.
3. Her drowning you in a clawfoot bathtub in a well-lit boutique hotel.
4. Watching her fuck someone else and being a good cuckold.
5. Forced-bi and sucking someone’s dick for her while she watches.
6. Her putting her cigarette out on you.
7. The way she says, “Say thank you.” after she hurts you. Or takes your money.
8. The way she says, “No.”
9. Her creating a new hole in your thigh.
10. Her fucking the new hole in your thigh.
11. Her letting the new hole in your thigh heal a little, then fucking it again.
12. Humping her leg while you beg to cum.
13. Humping her leg while you beg to cum, in front of her friends.
14. Cumming from humping her foot.
15. Cumming from going down on her.
16. How good her butt looks when she bends over.
17. Watching Selling Sunset at her feet.
18. Her spitting in your mouth when you think she’s going to let you kiss her.
19. Her running a knife along your throat.
20. Her murdering you in an Austin motel, and collecting the life insurance money.
21. Her saying, “Unfortunately, I don’t fuck losers.”
22. Her waterboarding you in a basement in a remote location.
23. Her carving the little lines from a voice memo of her saying “no” into your back.
24. Into your leg.
25. Into your arm.
26. Her carving “live, laugh, lake” into you and turning it into a wholesome postcard to send to friends.
27. Her hitting you with a baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire.
28. Her reading a book while she ignores you going down on her.
29. Begging her for an allowance because all of your money goes directly into her account.
30. Only having permission to cum from humping a pillow.
31. Her leg.
32. Her foot.
33. Having to pay to fuck anyone else while she fucks whoever she wants.
34. Her with an ice pick, à la Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct.
35. Her in a leather jacket.
36. Her in a leather jacket on the back of a motorcycle.
37. Her in a leather jacket dragging you from the back of a motorcycle.
38. Signing a legally binding contract that entitles her to all of your current assets and future earnings.
39. Attempting to send her $10K, hitting your daily limit, and being denied an orgasm until you fix it.
40. Sending her $5K.
41. Sending her another $5K a few days later.
42. Buying her a house and then watching her fuck the contractor in said house.
43. Cleaning her house.
44. Her cuckolding you by sending you pictures of someone else cleaning her house.
45. Her in Louboutins.
46. Her laying on a $7,000 leather daybed.
47. Massaging her feet.
48. Butt.
49. Back.
50. Shoulders.
51. Legs.
52. Her whispering, “Are you scared?” in your ear.
53. The way her lips curl up in the 5 seconds before she releases your throat and lets you breathe.
54. Her using your mouth as an ashtray.
55. Her making you beg to drink her piss from a glass.
56. Your blood on the roses you bought her.
57. Your blood on her fingers.
58. Your blood on her fingers, dripping into your mouth.
59. Her whip marks on your butt.
60. Her bite marks on your arm.
61. New bruises on old bruises.
62. New scars on old scars.
63. Her wearing your clothes.
64. Doing admin work for her while she eats chicky nuggies and tater tots, and watches Love Island.
65. Begging her to use the cattle prod on you.
66. Her putting a shock collar on you to teach you domestic service precision.
67. Her leaving you chained to the floor in a cabin in the woods with only a bowl of water, for an unknown period of time.
68. Her using you as a pool floatie (face down).
69. Her reflection in the $3,000 Roadrunner mirror.
70. Her boobs. That’s it. That’s number 70.
71. Her wearing a very gay Saint Laurent silk-lined leather vest and nothing else.
72. Buying her and all her friends matching cashmere onesies.
73. Her making you cry from choking on her dick.
74. Her rubbing the mascara from your tears all over your face.
75. Her making you cry from whipping you.
76. Her making you cry from caning you.
77. The softness in her voice when she says, “Come back.” after you flinch away from her whip.
78. Only being allowed to taste her when it’s to clean up after she fucks someone else.
79. How pathetic it is to beg to pay her $500 to be allowed to cum… and still get denied.
80. Her drowning you in the lake.
81. Her saying, “Don’t beg me for more breath, thank me for letting you breathe at all.”, while drowning you in the lake.
82. Her kicking your pussy repeatedly and making you lick the top of her boots clean.
83. Her making the little dog behavior correcting noise when you break eye contact at dinner.
84. Her putting a dildo gag and a strap-on on you, and using you however she wants.
85. Her asphyxiating you with the apple picking bag on your romantic fall date.
86. Her taking all of your clothes and throwing snowballs at you on your romantic winter date.
87. The smile in her voice and when she says, “Why don’t you get on your knees and tell me?”
88. Working all day to make her money, then opening your to do list to spend the entire night working to help grow her empire.
89. Her throwing a drink at you at a bar or restaurant. (And then you cleaning it up because you’re both morally opposed to being inconsiderate to servers.)
90. Her making you ask someone at a bar if they want to take her home and fuck her.
91. Her speaking German.
92. Her speaking Spanish.
93. Her speaking Hebrew.
94. Her winning a huge award for how smart, successful, and community-focused she is.
95. Her cutting expensive steak she grilled for you.
96. Her telling you to suck her friend’s foot after her friend fucked someone else with it.
97. Her carving her name into you… repeatedly.
98. Her depriving you of sleep and mindfucking/ (consensually) gaslighting you… repeatedly.
99. Her saying, “Good girl.” after you have, in fact, worked very hard to be a good girl.
100. Her.

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