Session Feedback.

There is a question on my intake form that asks, “When was the last time you cried?” While all of the answers that I receive are fascinating and revealing, the one that stood out to me the most was a from a genderqueer person who answered the last time they cried was when they were looking for a dominatrix and they were all geared towards submissive men. Since then I’ve taken greater effort to make it clear that I adore playing with folks across the gender spectrum. Recently, I received this session feedback from a sweet non-binary femme which I am sharing below with permission:

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Love Notes

As long as I have been sexually active, I have been aroused by the notion of lovers and play partners putting into words what they find so tantalizing about spending time under my spell. Whether it be through love notes, musical tributes, thank you letters, letters of recommendation or dedications in books, I love to hear how you make concrete the ways that I have affected you. Here are some choice words that have been written about me by some of the lovely folks I allow to serve me.

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