BDSM Stories: Prey for Mommy Domme

I knew I would like the hotel. Mommy had recommended it, so graciously given the circumstances. As I walked through intimate corridors of sumptuous, deep red wallpaper and ornate mahogany, decorated with an endless collection of vintage artwork, I felt like I had been invited to the lodge of a secret society. I also couldn’t …

Mistress Blunt and her submissive D/s

BDSM Stories: Bondage and Orgasm Denial in Mommy’s Basement

I heard the basement door open, and I dropped to my knees. Automatically, my hands found their positions on my lap, and my gaze came to rest on the floor in front of me. Mommy was descending the stairs, and I felt each footstep as it rang out from her boots, reverberated through me, and …

BDSM Stories: Worshiping Mommy’s Leather Boots

I’m standing in the doorway. She’s standing in the middle of the room in front of a chair with dark wooden legs, arm rests and a black leather seat. My breath is caught in my chest as my eyes focus on her. Black lace lingerie, her curly hair resting on her shoulders.

BDSM Stories: Piss Play & Golden Showers with Mommy

I knock on her door. Butterflies in my stomach, my hands shaking, as I shift my weight side to side, the desperation building inside of me. Regretting all the water I drank before I got here. I have to go so bad. Why did I have to follow her piss play instructions so exactly? Distracted …

Ageplay & DDLG: An Interview with Charlotte Cross

In part one of this interview, Charlotte and I talked about 24/7 D/s relationships and religion in kink. In part two, we talk about ageplay and ABDL, D/s relationships with mommy dommes, daddy dom little girl (DDLG) and its many permutations, and more. As always, interviews are posted first on my OnlyFans!