24/7 D/s Relationship & Findom: I Interview My Woman Finsub (Again)

A couple years ago, I had the opportunity to sit down with my woman financial submissive to chat about our relationship, findom, and total power exchange (TPE). It was a hit on social media. So much so that someone paid me to interview her again. Here’s the long-awaited part two of our interview on financial domination.

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Findomme OnlyFans: Who is the best financial dominatrix on OnlyFans? An unbiased opinion.

Since you’re here—reading this—I know a little something about you: you’re interested in findom.

I know you want to explore findom as a form of power exchange. You want to be a powerful woman’s personal ATM, wallet, or paypig. You want to be useful, to serve both a findomme’s whims (like a new pair of leather boots or a trip abroad) and successes (like maxing out her Roth IRA).

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Femdom Stories: Tapped by Mistress Blunt

During quarantine, one of the ways I’ve been fostering my D/s relationships and keeping in touch with my submissives is having them write me stories about their deepest, darkest desires. I will continue sharing my favorite femdom stories, which have been written for and about me, here on my blog. (You can read through the archive here.)

This story was written for me by a sweet financial domination submissive, who begged my permission to write about what it would be like for him to meet a financial dominatrix (that’s me) in the wild. He writes in detail about how I slowly take control of his finances, his wallet, all of his thoughts… his life.

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2018 Holiday Wishlist

For those who asked, here is my holiday wishlist, though to be honest, my life (and closet) are pretty full. And, as always, cash is king. If you’d like to get me something sweet for the holidays this year, I’d adore you stuffing my stocking with cold hard cash. Cash for me to invest, for me to go on vacation with, for me to spend on bodywork, for me to continue decorating my apartment for me to spoil family and friends. Nothing makes me sleep as sweetly as sleeping on top of a mattress on a pile of cash…

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Manifesting: Dream Sessions and Dream Clients.

I know, darlings. Perhaps you’re new to this. Perhaps you still think that this relationship is about what you want. But this is about power exchange. This is not about your ego, this is about learning to serve another. I am uninterested in your fantasy. Of course, revealing them to me is encouraged, as it gives me an understanding of your psyche and of how to mold you into the perfect supplicant for service. I know what I want, I know how to articulate my needs, and that means that there are plenty of opportunities for you to please me.

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