Orgasm Control: 100 (Denied) Submissive Fantasies to Edge To

I like to have submissives detail their kinky fantasies and perverted thoughts while they are under my strict orgasm control. Last year, a submissive wrote 100 Things to Not Think About When Mistress Blunt Won’t Let You Cum for me. This year, I had another eager submissive record every time they thought of me while …

BDSM Stories: Worshiping Mommy’s Leather Boots

I’m standing in the doorway. She’s standing in the middle of the room in front of a chair with dark wooden legs, arm rests and a black leather seat. My breath is caught in my chest as my eyes focus on her. Black lace lingerie, her curly hair resting on her shoulders.

BDSM Stories: Rope Bondage and Corporal Punishment in the Woods

“Hello Mommy, I am just playing with Poodle while we wait for you,” said Jacky.  “Playing with Poodle is making him fetch a stick, Jacky, not satisfying your desires and teasing him,” replied Mistress Blunt. “Did they offer to release your cage, Poodle?” Mistress Blunt asked.  I could only nod the affirmative.