How Yoga Porn Changed My Life.

My first weekend of yoga teacher training, I think it was fair to say that I spent equal parts of My time training in the yoga studio and in independent study (aka searching for and watching yoga related pornography). A particular favorite of mine was of Daisy Marie and Laly’s hot private session. I sent a link to Mistress Margot Rose, and she created a handful of drawings for Me based on the video. I framed one of Daisy Marie inspecting Laly’s body in down dog. The quote, “You’ve got such a great body for this” accompanies the figures on the page.

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Artistic Mark Making Scans from the November 17th Party.

I have been making portraits using scanners for the last four years. Whether it be the marks of a bull whipping that look like the ‘delicate grass’ from a Monet painting, or big, tender bruises reminiscent of an abstract expressionist painting, I am interested in the landscape that BDSM play leaves behind on the body. The scanner captures detail down to the pore of everything that comes into contact with the glass, the act of scanning becomes a part of the play and a dance. I love to incorporate artistic documentation (whether with a scanner, a camera or a stenographer!) into my play.

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