BDSM Stories: Piss Play & Golden Showers with Mommy

I knock on her door. Butterflies in my stomach, my hands shaking, as I shift my weight side to side, the desperation building inside of me. Regretting all the water I drank before I got here. I have to go so bad. Why did I have to follow her piss play instructions so exactly? Distracted …

BDSM Stories: Chastity Cages & Cuckolding Dates

The click-clack of Mistress’ boots on the hardwood floor drew closer. The slight jump of my heartbeat and chastity cage signalled both anticipation and a slight fear as she drew near. A stern, “Down boy,” instructs me to my knees, where my eyes gaze upon the buttery dark leather of Mistress’ boots.

BDSM Stories: Erotic Hypnosis “This was my idea!”

There were two women on Aaron’s phone. Aaron knew one of them, Mistress Blunt. She was dressed casually, in a loose shirt and yoga pants. He didn’t know the other woman standing next to Mistress Blunt, but Aaron knew what was going to happen. He had watched this video several times in a row.