Narcissist / Succubus / Muse

I am a Narcissist. Whether it be inspiring submission from slaves or collaborating on photography projects with talented photographers, the role of Muse comes naturally to Me. I am able to easily get into your head, plant seeds, step back and watch them grow into something devastatingly beautiful. I like having tangible evidence of My devastating effect over others in the form of tears, blood, money or imagery.

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How Yoga Porn Changed My Life.

My first weekend of yoga teacher training, I think it was fair to say that I spent equal parts of My time training in the yoga studio and in independent study (aka searching for and watching yoga related pornography). A particular favorite of mine was of Daisy Marie and Laly’s hot private session. I sent a link to Mistress Margot Rose, and she created a handful of drawings for Me based on the video. I framed one of Daisy Marie inspecting Laly’s body in down dog. The quote, “You’ve got such a great body for this” accompanies the figures on the page.

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