With almost 10 years experience in the BDSM community, and over seven years of offering professional BDSM sessions in NYC, I am a woman who knows what she likes and one who knows exactly how to get it. I realized the power of my sexuality at a very young age, and have been using it against you ever since. I began My training at La Domaine Esemar when I was 18 where I studied and embodied the art of BDSM and have been studying power dynamics (at the library, art studio and dungeon) ever since. I am able to easily get into your head, plant seeds, step back and watch them grow into something devastatingly beautiful.

I am particularly fond of exploring secret needs, desires and urges; believing as I do that repressing these causes unnecessary harm. It is what people put themselves through to avoid pain that is perverse. I enjoy guiding people to their emotional edges, holding the space for them to explore previously uncharted or repressed territory. I love tears, forbearance and suffering for self-knowledge and self-improvement.

I see special and select subjects in NYC. I also hold degrees in psychology and in the fine arts, both of which greatly contribute to My skills as a Domina. I am also a certified yoga instructor and doula and love creating self-care regimens for devoted slaves. My BDSM interests are vast and varied. I enjoy natural submission and offering. I seek subjects that trust that I will take them to where they need to be. I like to utilize and torment all of your senses, taking you completely to my will and training you up to my impeccable standards.

I have the privilege of being very selective about who I choose to see; this means if your interests don’t align with mine, I will not be seeing you. This means if you aren’t respectful or intentional about your contact with me, you won’t be seeing me. Choose your words wisely.

I am a naturally dominant, sadistic and empathic woman. I am a classically trained dominatrix and a hedonist at heart. I am Mistress Blunt.

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